Title: 超低耗能綠色液晶顯示系統( II )
Ultra-Low Power Eco Lcd System
Authors: 謝漢萍
Keywords: 版畫場色序;分區背光控制;自由型曲面;色分離;無偏振片液晶模組;二色性黑色染料;Field-sequential-color (FSC) display;Color filterless;Color breakup;polarizer-free;dichroic dye;Free-form Optics;Locally controlled backlight
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本計畫重點目標是要研究世界級水平,超低耗能的顯示系統制能(enabling)技術,計畫中的創新除了 利用色序法(Field‐ Sequential‐Color)技術以及LED Local Dimming 免除彩色濾光片外,並結合智慧型視 角可調背光模組、高效率色場演算法、新型二色性染料液晶以及高效能Oxide TFT 元件,以省去偏振 片的使用,使得最終的面板光利用效率可達現行LCD 的12 倍,並減少相關材料及元件需求。此面板 系統整合多項前瞻技術,包括不同更新頻率之演算法開發、光學機構設計、液晶材料以及銦鎵鋅氧 化物(InGaZnO) 薄膜電晶體元件,共分為三項子計畫: (1) 色序型液晶顯示器影像與耗能優化研究,(2) 具空間、時間、視角調變之平面控光系統 (3)無偏振片低壓液晶模態。
The aim of this study is to develop a world‐class ultra‐low power enabling LCD technologies. The innovation of this integrated project employs the Field‐Sequential‐Color method and LED‐based local dimming approach to remove the conventional power‐waste components such as polarizer and color filter. Combined with the spatially‐temporally‐angularly modulated planar backlist and optimized algorithm, new material and device with low driving voltage LC modes and highly transmitted InGaZnO thin film transistor are also embedded into the pixel design, the overall efficiency is expected to be improved upto 12X superior to the existing LCDs. In order to yield such multiple functions, the project includes three subjects: (1) Image and power optimization for novel field‐sequential‐color LCD (2) Study on Spatio‐Temporal‐Angular Modulated Planar Source (3) polarizer‐free, low driving voltage LC modes, respectively.
Gov't Doc #: NSC100-2622-E009-013-CC2
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99297
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