Title: 前瞻微杯式彩色電子紙之研究-子計畫三:全彩微杯型電子紙顯色模型與特性化研究
Characterization and Color Rendering Model for Full-Color Micro-Cup E-Paper
Authors: 田仲豪
Tien Chung-Hao
Keywords: 微杯型電泳式電子紙;顯色特性化;主成分分析;micro-cup electrophoretic-typed display;characterization;principal component analysis
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 類紙張(paper-like or E-paper)的軟性顯示器可一部份取代紙張印刷工作,提高資訊傳遞的便利性並節省 印刷成本,被視為最具機會,為人類開啟第三波顯示器革命的新趨勢。應用於類紙式的軟性顯示器上 的顯示介質與機制種類相當多,本計劃所研究的顯色物理機制模型、色彩特性化與顯示器影像品質評 估將以全彩型微杯型電泳顯示器為主。電泳顯示器的帶電微粒受基板電場驅動,可藉由白色微粒在微 杯中的位置控制光於電泳液行走的路徑長度,改變染料的光學密度進而控制不同顏色信號的灰階。研 究課題包括:(a) 建立微杯型電泳顯示器(Electrophoretic Display, EPD)混色模型(b) 根據不同的微粒 顏色,染料濃度與電極設計,量測電子紙的反射頻譜,將單色(mono color)及全彩(full color)電子紙之 色彩特性化(c) 並建立以反射率、白度、對比彩度等各種參數為權重之電子紙品質評估,以提供未來 電子紙在材料、結構製作與畫素驅動時的參數設計。
A paper-like-display is investigated as the next generation medium which simultaneously owns features of both of hard-copy and soft-copy. In this project, we will address the color performance and mechanism of Electrophoretic Display (EPD) with microcup configuration. The black-white or color image can be displayed by controlling the movement of charged particle in dye-based insulating liquid when the polarity of voltage was applied to the driving electrodes. This project includes the following subjects: (a) color model of an EPD by using additive and complex subtractive mixing law (b) characterization of EPD tone reproduction with different particle, liquid and electrode combinations (c) assessing display quality based on various parameters including reflectance, whiteness, contrast and colorfulness.
Gov't Doc #: NSC99-2221-E009-067-MY3
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99255
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