Title: 高自旋瑞吉弦論散射
Higher Spin Regge String Scatterings
Authors: 李仁吉
Keywords: 瑞吉弦散射;史特林數
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 1. 在本計劃中 我們將研究弦論高自旋態的瑞吉散射振幅 此包括弦與弦 弦與 D-粒子 弦與O-粒子的高能散射 此結果將可用來計算弦高能固定角散射振幅的比例常數 本計算中將應用到廣義庫瑪函數及組合數學中的史特林數之等式 許多相關的數學 物理問題將一併研究 2. 最近 BPST 引進弦的瑞吉波梅隆頂點概念 此波梅隆頂點方法更被應用來將BCFW 計 算場論振幅的方法推廣到弦論 另外弦論中的KLT 關係的場論極限也被用來計算 QCD 及引力的n-點函數 我們將試著計算開弦及閉弦的固定角波梅隆頂點 希望此頂點可用來計算弦高能固 定角散射振幅的比例常數 並與我們之前的結果比較
1. In this project, we will study higher spin string scatterings in the Regge regime. These will include string-string scatterings, string D-particle scatterings and string O-particle scatterings etc. The results can be used to reproduce the ratios among high-energy string scattering amplitudes in the fixed angle regime we studied previously. In this calculation, we encounter generalized Kummer function and Stirling number identities in combinatorial theory. There are many interesting issues both for physics and mathematics which remain to be clearified. 2. Recently string Pomeron vertex was introduced by BPST to study Regge string scatterings. The string Pomeron vertex was soon used to study the stringy version of newly developed BCFW gauge theory scattering amplitudes. The field theory limit of old KLT relation for string theory was examined and was applied to calculate both n-point functions of QCD and gravity. There are various issues which remain to be studied. We shall try to generalize the Pomeron vertex to the fixed angle regime for both closed and open string. Hopefully we can use this vertex operator to study the ratios among high-energy string scattering amplitudes we derived previously.
Gov't Doc #: NSC100-2112-M009-002-MY3
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99213
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