Title: 環境奈米科技知識管理及整合計畫
Knowledge management and integration of environmental nanotechnology
Authors: 蔡春進
Tsai, Chuen-Jinn
Keywords: 奈米技術;環境健康安全;白皮書;策略規畫;知識平台;Nanotechnology;EHS;white paper;strategic plan;database
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究已完成"環境中奈米物質量測及特性分析以及未來暴露評估"可能的國內研發能量缺口及執行能量缺口的報告,同時亦進行了ISO及OECD有關奈米科技環境、健康、安全(EHS)議題發展趨勢及相關資訊的回顧,並經由國內專家學者的座談會作成了具體的結論及建議。本團隊於去年度建置完成環境奈米科技知識平台,今年的工作重點在於網站管理、資訊提供及國內研究成果的整合。
This study has accomplished the reports on the gaps of domestic research capability and capacity in five topics in "Measurement and characterization of environmental nanoparticles and future exposure assessment", and the review of the progress and information of nanotechnology EHS issues in ISO and OECD. Concrete conclusion and suggestion have been made after review meeting with domestic experts. Taiwan nanotechnology EHS database was established last year. This year's work focuses on website management, providing information and integration of domestic research results.
Gov't Doc #: EPA-100-U1U1-02-105
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99201
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