Title: 水土環保生物復育技術加值化策略發展規劃
Value Added Strategic Development Plan of Soil and Water Environmental Protection and Biological Remediation Technology
Authors: 林亭汝
Lin Tyng-Ruu
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 土壤和水質雖然會透過自然作用(自淨能力)將汙染物分解、轉變或回覆成原先 的狀況,然而自然轉化的過程需要長達數十年以上的時間才能修復。但運用微生 物分解汙染源的生物復育技術,可有效減少復育過程產生的有毒物質和成本。在 環保的議題中,除了強調環境的保護之外,環境的復育與技術應用的議題也是刻 不容緩。本研究主要目的為運用技術發展策略的預測規劃模式以探討水土環保生 物復育技術未來的技術發展策略與行銷推廣規劃。本研究將針對現地與非現地復 育方法所包含的技術進行專利檢索與分類,並藉由引證率分析掌握技術發展歷 程,以評選最佳技術方案。此外,透過專利技術分類及依據技術類別引證率的成 長趨勢,將產生數條技術生命週期曲線,然後導入情境分析系統化的架構,以更 能深入了解各種技術類別的發展情形並提供相關技術策略與規劃。本研究計畫預 期達到的效益為:技術加值化與推廣;藉由相關分析找出不同技術類別的競爭優 勢,以重新整合技術服務流程;另一方面,瞭解競爭者的專利範圍,以避免專利 侵權的紛爭;最後,提供業者行銷策略與管理的配套措施(市場行銷、管理制度); 未來亦可運用本計畫所研提之研究方法進行對其他新興技術之策略規劃。本計畫 若蒙允准,規劃研究時程為兩年。
Although soil and water are able to decompose pollutants, convert or revert to their original state through natural processes (self- purification function), it takes decades for them to recover. Using biological remediation technology of microbiology to decompose pollutants enables the reduction of the toxic materials and the costs of the remediation process. Among the environmental protection issues, except for the emphasis on the environment protection, the issues of technology application and environmental remediation are as important. The purpose of this research project is to use the forecast plan model of technical development strategy to discuss the future technical development strategy and marketing promotion plan for soil and water environmental protection and biological remediation technology. This research indexes and categorizes the patents of the technologies used in on- site and off- site remediation methods and ensures the technology development history via citation rate analysis to choose the best technology scheme. In addition, a number of technology life cycle curves are produced via patent technology classification and according to the growing trend of technology category citation rate, followed by the implementation of the systematic scenario analysis framework which can help us to better understand the development status of each technology and provide related technical strategy and plan. The benefits this research project is expected to deliver are listed as follows. Add value and promote the technology: discover the competitiveness of each technology through related analyses so as to re- integrate technical service processes. On the other hand, understand the patent scope and avoid conflicts of patent infringement. Last but not least, provide the industry with marketing strategies and corresponding management measures (marketing, management system). If this project is ever authorized, the research time is scheduled for two years.
Gov't Doc #: NSC99-2410-H009-047-MY2
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99136
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