Title: 在無線寬頻網路上考慮節能之排程與聯合編碼以進行分層多播串流之技術研究
Optimized Energy-Aware Scheduling and Joint Coding for Layered Multicast Streaming over Wireless Broadband Networks
Authors: 蕭旭峰
Hsiao Hsu-Feng
Keywords: 無線寬頻網路;節能排程;非對等錯誤防護;聯合編碼;wireless broadband networks;energy-aware scheduling;unequal error protection;joint coding
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 在包含像是WiMAX/LTE 等無線寬頻網路與傳統IP 網路的異質環境裡進行一對多的 串流服務,由於網路拓譜可能快速的改變以及變動的通道品質,要維持一定的服務品質 與提供良好的使用經驗具有相當之挑戰性。本二年計畫的目標,著重在此類的網路環境 上研究探討結合分層視訊與通道編碼的相關技術,以增加有效的頻寬利用率,並改善封 包遺失的影響。並在如WiMAX MBS 之無線寬頻網路上,進行包含行動無線寬頻網路 標準之相關規格與技術探討、研究與發展適合無線多播串流之可調式視訊編碼與對應之 通道編碼進行聯合串流編碼研究,及多播串流進行調變與資源安排最佳化設計之研究。
In a one-to-many streaming service over heterogeneous networks that involves wireless broadband mobile networks, including Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) and Long Term Evolutio (LTE), and also the traditional IP networks, it is rather challenging to fulfill the needs for Quality of Service and Quality of Experience requirements due to frequent topology updates and dynamic channel fluctuation. The major objectives of this 2-year research project are to study and develop channel coding technologies for layered video in order to increase effective streaming throughput and to mitigate packet loss over heterogeneous networks. In addition, the unequal error protection (UEP) scheme built upon the proposed rateless codes for the WiMAX Multicast Broadcast Service (MBS) over wireless broadband networks will be designed to seek the optimized opportunistic scheduling in terms of energy saving and quality of the streaming service dynamically according to the real-time network and population topology.
Gov't Doc #: NSC100-2221-E009-122
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99047
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