Title: 低成本全低溫溶液製程高性能非晶銦鎵鋅氧化物電晶體開發
Low-Cost Low-Temperature High-Performnace Solution-Processable A-Igzo Tft
Authors: 蔡娟娟
Tsai Chuang-Chuang
Keywords: 低溫製程;溶膠凝膠法;非晶銦鎵鋅氧化物;軟性電子;電子書;low temperature process;sol-gel process;a-IGZO;flexible elextronic components;E-book
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本計劃三年內主要研究目標有二,(1).全低溫溶膠凝膠(sol-gel)製程(<180oC),製備具有良好電性與高穩定度之高性能非晶銦鎵鋅氧化物電晶體(a-IGZO TFT)於各式軟性基板。(2).開發多功能 a-IGZO 軟性電子元件。目前一般文獻的sol-gel製程中,關鍵的聚縮合步驟乃利用加熱平台直接加熱至~200oC以上,此溫度相當不適合一般塑膠等軟性基板。因此,本計畫將同時利用紫外光照射與加熱平台直接加熱,希望降低sol-gel法的聚縮合溫度至180oC以下,並研究其他能夠降低聚縮合溫度的因素與方法。其次,欲利用光退火降低sol-gel法在傳統爐管所需的退火溫度(~400oC),以此將所有製程溫度低於180oC,進而達到全低溫製程。本計畫將引入背通道覆蓋層技術以提高 sol-gel 法製備之a-IGZO TFT 特性,並深入探討影響元件的因素與物理機制與嘗試其他方法提高此製程的 a-IGZO TFT 特性,如鈍化層技術等。我們將應用不同材料背通道覆蓋層導致元件有不同特性的產生,如:臨界電壓改變、具有光偵測之效果,讓前瞻材料 a-IGZO 開發於更廣泛的軟性電子元件。最後,將運用sol-gel 法製備全低溫且具備良好電性與穩定性之高性能 a-IGZO TFT 於軟性基板上,並利用研究成果開發具新穎性多功能之 a-IGZO 軟性電子元件或商品,如:反相器、光偵測器、電子書…等。
Two primary objectives in this proposal within three years are as follows. (1).whole low-temperature sol-gel process (<180oC), prepared with high electrical performance and high stability of the amorphous indium gallium zincoxide transistors (a-IGZO TFT) in all kinds of flexible substrates.(2).Development of multi-functional a-IGZO flexible electronic components.In recent studies, the decisive condensation step is using hot plate directly heated devices to above 200oC in the sol-gel process. The temperature is quite unsuitable for general plastic and other soft substrates. Therefore, in this proposal, we will use ultraviolet light irradiationand hot plate heating in the same time to reduce the condensation temperature below 180℃ and we also investigate other methods to reduce condensation temperature.Additionally, we use light annealing method to reduce temperature of conventional furnace annealing required (~400℃). All precess temperature will be control under 180℃, and then the whole low-temperature process will be demonstrate.This project introduce the metal capping layer technology of body effect to improve the electrical characteristics of a-IGZO TFT. In addition, we exhaustive study what factors and the physical mechanism to influence characteristics of devices and try other ways to improve the manufacturing process of a-IGZO TFT as the passivation layer technology. The project uses the back channel cap different materials to attain different electrical characteristics such as threshold voltage modulate、sensitivity of light, therefore the potential material a-IGZO extensively develop in various flexible electronic components.Eventually, we believe the sol-gel process will successfully apply to low temperature a-IGZO TFT on flexible substrates with good electrical characteristics and stability and then we also can develop of a multifunctional a-IGZO flexible electronics components/commodities such as inverter、photo sensor、E-book...so on.
Gov't Doc #: NSC100-2221-E009-080
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99038
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