Title: 結合局部損壞感測與電腦視覺化檢視之結構健康監測系統研發
Development of an Integrated Shm System Using a Local Damage Detection with Computer Vision-Based Inspecting Approaches
Authors: 洪士林
Keywords: 多感測器資料融合;無線感測網路;結構健康監測;3D 電腦視覺化檢視;局部損傷檢測;Multi-sensor Fusion;Wireless Sensor Networks;Structural Health Monitoring (SHM);Image-based damage detection;Local damage detection
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 近年來,結構健康監測在房屋建築與土木基礎建設上的應用受到越來越高的重視。 因此,如何發展一個即時、低成本、高穩定度和先進的監測系統也就相當的重要。結構 健康監測系統的目的是利用許多智慧感測器所組成的系統來長期監控結構的狀態,提供 結構在維持營運與修復時必要的資訊。不同的結構健康監測方法針對不同的問題來處 理,然而藉由單一的方法並無法正確且可靠的判斷結構的健康狀態,因此,建立一個整 合性的結構健康監測系統,結合全域、局部結構健康監測與影像處理的方法來監測結構 的健康狀態是目前重要的研究方向之一。本研究之前已對全域結構健康監測系統進行多 年之研究,而本三年期研究的目的主要以發展結構局部損壞感測與結合電腦視覺化檢視 之結構健康監測系統之研究為主,並應用於土木結構健康監測上。基本上結構的安全狀 態可先由全域結構健康監測系統來初步判斷結構是否受損,接著再整合局部損壞感測與 電腦視覺化檢視技術來針對結構的細部損傷進行評估,結合多感測器資料融合技術,配 合所發展之多感測器資料融合之結構健康診斷方法來建立一個強健、穩定且實用的結構 健康監測系統。最後,所研發的整合監測系統將以結構模型與現地結構試實驗來驗證系 統之可靠與穩定性。
The application of structural health monitoring (SHM) of buildings and civil infrastructures has been increasingly more important recently and has received considerable interest in the last decade. The aims of a SHM system are to monitor health condition of structures long term using smart sensor system, provide any information for maintaining or repairing the structure if need, and generate warning before it collapse unexpectedly. Therefore, to develop a real time monitoring system which integrates global damage detection, local damage detection, and computer vision-based 3D inspecting approach is essential. The study of global damage detection approach was successfully investigated in our recent work. Therefore, the object of this study is to develop an integrated SHM system via combining a local damage detection schema and a computer vision-based 3D inspecting approach for civil infrastructures. Herein, multi-sensor fusion technology with multiple structural health damaged detection approach will be employed to develop a robust and stable system using in civil Infrastructure. The feasibility and robustness of the proposed integrated SHM system were assessed using a small-scaled steel frame and experimentally generated different damage scenarios by subjecting this structure various base excitations via shaking table tests. Finally, this work will apply the proposed SHM system to process measured data from field test.
Gov't Doc #: NSC100-2221-E009-097
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/99008
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