Title: 社會媒體上電子商務之研究:社會推薦與交易機制設計
Electronic Commerce over Social Media: Social Recommendation and Trading Mechanisms
Authors: 李永銘
Li Yung-Ming
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 社會媒體上電子商務之研究:社會推薦與交易機制設計 李永銘 yml@mail.nctu.edu.tw 國立交通大學資訊管理研究所 摘要 社會媒體(Social Media) 是使人們能夠創建,發布,共享以及和人們溝通的網路 技術平台。根據各種組織進行的研究和調查,社會媒體對不同消費者的購物習慣存 在相當的影響力。在某些知名的社群網站如Facebook, Twitter上面討論不同的品牌 或者產品,已經被認定是促使潛在消費者參與線上產品評論的最有效方式。因此, 在社會媒體上的商業策略,首重如何找到潛在的消費族群。了解產品的可能消費客 層及其行為特徵,並從社群中找出對產品購買具有影響力的個人或網站,對行銷策 略有效與否極其重要。在本研究計劃中,我們將結合實證研究、系統開發、經濟分 析三大研究面向來探討社會媒體上電子商務營運之重要議題。 在科技面向上,我們將會建立用於開發社會媒體推薦系統的基礎工具。我們將 深入探討開發三個重要的工具,分別為社會傳播模型(social diffusion model)、社會 網絡分析(social network analysis )以及社會地位機制(social rank mechanism)。而提出這 些工具後,我們將致力於建構行銷導向的輔助系統,包括社會媒體監控系統,線上 廣告規劃以及高影響力使用者推薦系統。透過統計推論、文字探勘、以及人工智慧 的方式找出潛在客源的同時,社會媒體中的某些社會行為特質也一併納入探尋的範 圍。藉由了解消費者的行為特性與消費特質,可以幫助企業制定更好的營銷與品牌 策略。 在經濟面向上,對於有意願購買的消費者,有效的交易和價格機制可以幫助買 賣雙方都從社會媒體的行銷交易平台獲益。在這個研究裡,我們針對各種可能於社 會媒體上所發生的交易行為進行解析,並建立賽局與經濟模型以進一步分析解釋未 來新興交易平台 (Trading mechanisms) (如議價 (bargaining)、拍賣(auction)、反向拍賣 (reverse auction)、交換(exchange))可能帶來的預期獲利與潛藏挑戰。並藉由深入探 討背後影響的因素以及買賣雙方與社會媒體提供者之間的互動關係,強化社會媒體 作為一創新服務交易平台之前瞻性與實用價值。
Electronic Commerce over Social Media: Social Recommendation and Trading Mechanisms Yung-Ming Li yml@mail.nctu.edu.tw Institute of Information Management National Chiao Tung University Abstract The social media is the technologies on the web and mobile those enable people to create, publish and share content as well as connect/communicate with others. Based on research and surveys conducted by various organizations, social media is becoming more and more influential when it comes to buying habits of shoppers all over the world. Customer reviews of brands and products at online social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and others are considered the number one most effective technique for motivating consumers to discuss products online. Therefore, realizing commerce on the social media should start by targeting potential customers. Knowing what your community wants is the key in reaching your own organization’s goals. So exploring who the influential are and the characteristics of these potential customers would be essential. In this research, we will study the important research issues of electronic commerce over social media from three main perspectives- empirical study, technological development, and economic analysis. In the technological aspect, this project targets the potential customers by combining statistics influence, text mining, and artificial intelligence. Fundamental building blocks for social media marketing applications such as social diffusion models on social routing, social network analysis tools and social ranking mechanism will be developed first. With these important building blocks several marketing-oriented applications such as social media monitoring, online advertising planning, and influential nodes recommendation will be realized then. Meanwhile, the behavior of users within social media platform is also explored. By understanding the profile of consumers an adequate marketing and branding strategy can be made. In the economic aspect, we will examine various trading behaviors occurring in social media and further establish game theoretic and economic model to explain the expected profit and potential challenge resulted from the innovative trading mechanisms (such as bargaining, auction, reverse auction, and exchange) based on social media. In addition, we can discover and examine the critical factors affecting the interaction relations among buyers, sellers, and social media providers to enhance proactive thinking and practicality of social medial as an innovative trading platform.
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