Title: 新穎量子物質之界面及其物理特性研究-子計畫三:幾個關於量子體的重要問題
Several Problems in Quantum Matter
Authors: 林俊源
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 量子體物理涵括量子相變、載子的同相與關聯、以及不同有序態間的相互競爭。因之產生的量子體物理特性經常出人意料之外,而探索量子體奧秘的活動實為人類有關物質知識領域的邊境。尤有甚者,量子體的這些奇妙物性極可能是下一個世代能源、電子、資訊技術的基石。 在這個計劃期間,我們將探討兩個目前最熱門的量子體問題,以及一個長久以來懸而未決的重要問題。它們分別是:1) 拓樸絕緣體;2) 鐵基超導體;3) Hubbard模型與銅氧化物。利用的實驗方法為比熱、超快光譜、ARPES、X光吸收光譜、電性傳輸量測、與超晶格薄膜的成長。本研究主要的量測樣品為單晶與薄膜。
Quantum matter physics involves quantum phase transitions, coherence and correlation of carriers, and competition between orders. The emergent physical properties due to the above mechanisms are usually novel and challenging. The efforts to pursue complete knowledge of quantum matter actually constitute the frontiers of condensed matter physics. Furthermore, quantum matter is potential in energy, electronics, and information techologies. We propose to study two of the hottest issues for quantum matter and one important long-lasting one. They are: 1) topological insulators; 2) Fe-based superconductors; 3) The Hubbard model and cuprates. The exploited means concern specific heat, ultrafast spectroscopy and terahertz radiation, angular resolved photon emission, x-ray absorption spectroscopy, transport measurements, and superlattice thin film growth.
Gov't Doc #: NSC101-2112-M009-017-MY2
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98783
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