Title: 以自動化組卷法編製臺灣學生學習成就評量測驗之研究(2/2)
Automated test assembly for Taiwan Assessment of Student Achievement
Authors: 陳姵樺
Keywords: 自動組卷法;抽樣;最佳化;臺灣學生學習成就評量測驗;automated test assembly;sampling;optimization;TASA
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 臺灣學生學習成就評量測驗乃是評估台灣學生從國小、國中乃至高中的學習發展狀況的一項重要參考指標。而此重要參考指標本身所編的測驗是否能保持一貫高品質,乃是一件十分重要的事。近年來關於「臺灣學生學習成就評量測驗」的編製,仍採用人工組卷的方式。本研究旨在發展並導入自動化選題法以編製「臺灣學生學習成就評量測驗」,期透過本研究,將在組卷程序中大量重覆性的工作由電腦運算取代,除了能確保品質、節省時間組卷外,更能將人力作更有效的運用。本研究將運用目前兩大主流方法之一: 最佳化方法,並與學者專家商討測驗組卷標準,且運用現有題庫資料,將自動組卷方式運用在「臺灣學生學習成就評量測驗」上。本研究預期可完成「臺灣學生學習成就評量測驗」國中二年級之自動組卷系統。
Taiwan Assessment of Student Achievement (TASA) is an important index to evaluate the learning development of elementary school, middle school and high school students in Taiwan. Keeping a high quality of TASA test becomes an important issue. Recently, the construction of TASA test still uses manual assembly by manpower. The purpose of this study is to develop and implement an automated test assembly (ATA) procedure for TASA test and hope to replace the repetitive work by computer computation in test assembly. Implementing ATA can ensure the quality of the test, save the time for test assembly, and make the best use of human resources. This study will use one of the two common approaches of ATA: optimization and discuss the test assembly standard with experts. Current item pool data will be used to build test forms automatically in TASA. It is expected that this study will complete a test assembly system for the grade 2 middle school TASA test.
Gov't Doc #: NAER-100-24-B-2-02-00-2-02
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98709
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