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dc.contributor.authorCHI GOU-CHUNGen_US
dc.description.abstractConventional power system is facing many challenges, for example, the risk of chain blackouts exists in the current off-line mode, the power generation of renewable energy and new energy is instable, the population growth rate of developing countries is much higher than the established speed of the grid, etc.. Therefore, the centralized supplied systems of power generation around the world are transforming into decentralized systems. The decentralized systems have the advantages of easy to find the installation location, high flexibility of the investment in equipment, the feasibility of being used as emergency power, high energy usage efficiency, low failure rate, easy to manage, the feasibility of making use of low-carbon energy and reducing the investment on the power transmission equipment and line Infrastructure. Taiwan government has put much emphasis on decentralized power generation system or energy storage device, but the research on micro grid is still on the early stage. Now the international technology of micro grid is making progress rapidly, but there are still not relevant standard specifications, and most countries continue using the past standards of information and communication. In view of the importance of developing the micro grid standard specifications for the domestic industries, this project plans to integrate the domestic power equipment industries and apply the decentralized power generation system platform founded by Institute of Nuclear Energy Research and the kw-level micro grid which is expected to be accomplished by 2011 to research on the micro grid standard specifications and help the domestic enterprises get into the micro grid industry. Finally, we will assess the economic consideration and the industrial benefits of developing micro grid in Taiwan and propose the development blueprint of micro grid industry. This project can help the domestic enterprises enter the micro grid industry. Furthermore, if the domestic decentralized power equipment industry can master the micro grid technical standard specifications as soon as possible and develop the decentralized power equipment fitting international standards such as “plug and play” and “peer to peer” etc., the industrial competitiveness will be able to maintain in the long runen_US
dc.title微電網技術規範及產業發展研究計畫( II )zh_TW
dc.titleThe Development of Technologies, Standards and Roadmap for Taiwan$S Microgrid Industry( II )( III )en_US
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