Title: 陳映真與台灣戰後左翼思想狀況:分斷、後殖民與死亡
Chen Yingzhen and the Conditions of Leftist Thought in Post War Taiwan: Division, Postcoloniality, and Death
Authors: 陳光興
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究案是2007年至2008年「陳映真的第三世界」計畫的延伸,接合到過去十幾年間,Inter-Asia Cultural Studies: Movements、東亞批判刊物會議、「西天中土:印中社會思想對話」,匯流而成正在推進的「亞洲現代思想」計畫。研究案目的是將台灣語境中的「陳映真研究」放入亞洲現代思想的歷史脈絡,與亞洲思想界進行對話。更具體來說,我們未來三年研究計畫的目標包括:1. 延續先前「陳映真的第三世界」的研究成果,展開、深化他對第三世界精神狀況書寫的分析,關切的論題有三:分斷、後殖民、死亡,分三年完成;2. 以陳映真為主軸,以「分斷、後殖民、死亡」的問題意識為研究方向,以訪談為方法,逐步建立台灣戰後左翼思想狀況的口述資料庫;3. 持續積累「陳映真研究」網站,提供學界使用。
The initiating point for this research project can be traced back to “Chen Yingzhen’s Third World” project carried out in 2007-2008. It is now articulated to the ongoing international project of “Modern Asian Thought,” which is taking shape as a result of the convergence of three networks: Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, East Asian Critical Journals conference and the West Heavens project on India-China Dialogues on Social Thought. The purpose is to place “Chen Yingzhen study” in the historical context of modern thought in Asia so as to form a basis to be in conversation with “circles of thought” in Asia. More concretely, this project seeks to achieve three goals: 1) to deepen what has been marked out intellectually in the “Chen Yingzhen’s Third World” project in the analysis of the mental conditions of the Third World, and now continue to expand in the problematics of “the division system,” the postcoloniality” and “death as method,” which will be carried out in three year accordingly; 2) under the thematic of “the division system,” “the postcoloniality” and “death as method,” to build up an audio-visual archive on the leftist intellectual conditions in the Post World War II Taiwan, through interviews, surrounding the Chen Yingzhen circle; 3) to continue the open source website for the “Chen Yingzhen study.”
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98643
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