Title: 利用刮刀塗佈技術進行液態製程多層結構有機半導體元件
Multilayer Organic Semiconductor Devices by Blade Coating
Authors: 孟心飛
Keywords: solution-process;blade coating;organic semiconductor
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本計畫使用刮刀製程技術進行液態製程有機半導體元件,使用刮刀塗佈技術能克服旋轉塗佈時所造成之有機層間互溶的現象,並突破單層結構對於元件設計及表現的限制,藉此達到液態製程多層結構之高效率有機半導體元件。本計畫將於新穎的刮刀塗佈平台上嘗試新的構想及元件物理概念,進一步去開發多層結構有機半導體元件的潛能。刮刀塗佈製程方式是唯一能克服層與層之間互溶問題並成功塗佈多層元件結構以提升其效率,相較於旋轉塗佈更能節省材料並將材料利用率提升至近乎100%。刮刀塗佈技術不僅能用於塗佈高分子材料及為增加溶解度而改質之小分子材料,常使用於蒸鍍製程之小分子材料也可以使用此技術以製作高效率未改質小分子之多層結構有機半導體元件。本計畫除了將刮刀製程技術應用於液態製程高效率多層結構有機半導體元件的基礎研究,並且將其與捲對捲(Roll-to-Roll)製程結合以建立實驗性之小型生產線達到量產之目標。
Thin organic semiconductor film is usually deposited by spin coating in single layer because of the problem of mutual dissolution between the layers by the solvent. The single layer structure limits the flexibility of device design and the performance. In this project, based on new concepts and physics we will further explore the full potential of organic semiconductor in a new bade coating platform for general multilayer deposition developed in the recent years by us. Blade coating is the only method that prevents the mutual dissolution between different organic layers in solution-processed organic semiconductors. This method not only realizes the multilayer structure, but also significantly decreases the waste of organic material, and compatible with roll-to-roll fabrication. Furthermore, this method can be applied to a wide range of materials such as polymers, small molecules modified with side chains for solubility, and unmodified small molecules which is originally designed for vacuum evaporation. Blade coating method therefore combines the advantages of flexibility of multilayer design for small molecules and low cost solution process. In addition to the basic studies we will also gradually transform the academic research into a real mass production technology.
Gov't Doc #: NSC101-2112-M009-006-MY3
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98484
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