Title: 同步輻射X光顯微鏡影像處理之研究
Research on Image Processing Techniques for Synchrotron X-Ray Microscopy
Authors: 荊宇泰
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本計劃主要是與中研院物理所胡宇光博士所帶領的研究團隊合作,共同研究 高解析度X 光取像以及影像分析的問題,以期解決重要生物及醫學上的問 題。胡博士取得微小物體之奈米等級解析度的X 光影像之技術領先全球。但 是取得奈米級影像同時有許多問題發生。如因取像設備所造成的誤差、投影 資料不足所造成的無法進行斷層影像重建問題,或是因field of view 過小而 需進行影像拼貼的問題,我們將提供解決方案並設計出方便操作的系統軟體 來讓生物醫學的專案人員使用。我們也計畫研究出斷層影像重建的演算法來 面對投影資料不足的情況,並以平行處理環境來達成即時運算的能力。為了 進行腫瘤初期的判斷,我們也將建立癌細胞的立體影像資料庫,並研究如何 有效地進行不同立體資料的分析與比對。相信這項跨領域的計畫能讓台灣在 生物醫學的研究上有重大的貢獻。
We collaborate with Dr. Hwu, Yeu-Kuang of Academia Sinica to study the imaging and image processing problems arose while using synchrotron X-ray as a light source. Using synchrotron X-ray, we have a chance to reach nano-scale resolution. But there are also problems we have to deal with. High resolution implies small field of view. Thus image stitching is required. Taking images while rotating object provide opportunity to reconstruct tomographic images. But mechanical vibration cannot be ignored when we talk about nano-scale resolution. All these problems can be solved by using image processing techniques. Some other problem we shall also study. High resolution also implies large memory requirement and long computing time. Parallel processing shall be an issue to study. Our final goal is to apply the developed techniques to solve important biological or medical problems. We name two for examples, one is to reconstruct the structure of blood vessels to the highest resolution and to study the database for cells tomography images.
Gov't Doc #: NSC101-2221-E009-143-MY3
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98425
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