Title: 行車記錄器在以內容為中心車載網路中的雲端應用
Cloud Applications Using Vehicular Digital Video Recorders on Content-Centric Vanets
Authors: 陳健
Keywords: 行車紀錄器;車上機(OBU;On Board Unit);V2V(Vehicle-to-Vehicle);V2R(Vehicle-to-Roadside);V2I(Vehicle-to-Infrastructure);以内容為中心的網路;雲端;負載平衡;car digital video recorder (DVR);vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V);vehicle-to-road-side (V2R);vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2R);content centric networks (CCNs);cloud;dynamic load balancing
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本計晝基於目前行車紀錄器的普及,期望藉由車載資通訊與雲端技術,發展一結合行 車紀錄器、GPS接收器、智慧型手機/平板電腦、以及車上機(OBU)之道路影像預覽系 統,使眾多車輛上之行車紀錄器所記載之交通資訊得以相互分享。此系統提供駕駛者 於行進間可以預覽其計晝路徑上或他處之道路影像,以利駕駛提早作出行車路徑之規 劃。我們將探討以V2V、V2R、以及V2I等方式實現此系統所需面臨的網路相關議題, 提出有效的解決方案。另外,我們將使用以内容為中心的網路(Content Centric Networks, CCN)的概念,解決傳統mobile IP效率性的問題,並且發展一快取機制,使行車紀錄 器鎖紀錄之交通資訊可以有效率地與他人分享。最後,我們將建構雲端影像串流服務 平台,提供一個以地區為主(location-based)讓車輛之間分享行車紀錄器影像資料的服 務,並探討在雲端架構下動態負載平衡之相關議題。
This project takes the advantage of the prevailing car digital video recorder (DVR) in recent days, to develop a road traffic preview system with a combination of event data recorder, GPS receiver, smartphone/tablet computers, and OBU, to render sharing of traffic information recorded by car DVRs among vehicles. The system enables a driver to watch the traffic condition, especially video, on his future route or other places so that he may be able to alter his driving plan promptly for his own good. We will study the network issues related regarding realizing such system via V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2R (Vehicle to Road-Side) and V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure) methods. Furthermore, we plan to apply the concept of Content Centric Networks (CCNs) on the network layer to resolve the Mobile IP triangle routing inefficient problem, and to develop a cache mechanism for better video sharing efficiency. Finally, we will construct a cloud video streaming service platform and study the issues about the dynamic load balancing under this cloud architecture.
Gov't Doc #: NSC101-2221-E009-131
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98352
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