Title: 苗栗園區海外研究-日本客家研究調查計畫
Authors: 張維安
Chang Wei-An
Keywords: 日本客家;客家研究;社群組織;產業經濟;公共參與
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 關於日本客家,雖然「崇正公會」受到注目,日本學者中也不乏對客家族群有興趣的學者,但是綜觀日本各領域研究客家的學者之論著,可以發現日本的客家研究少有關注在日客家人自身的研究。因此整體日本客家人的資料相當缺乏。本計畫將透過文獻資料蒐集閱讀,以及連絡當地客家社團,進行實地田野調查與在地文史資料的蒐集考察,勾勒出日本客家族群的整體面貌。基於委託單位的需求,本計劃將聚焦於在日本客家人之生活、文化、政治、經濟能力等主題,除了文獻研究與目錄彙編之外、也將致力於了解日本客家移民與人口、產業經濟特質、社群組織與公共參與等主題,以期對日本客家提出整體看法,論述日本客家族群的特質,並提供後續研究與展示的建議。
Although "Chong Zheng Hakka Association" is subjected to the attention of Japanese scholars, there are still some interested in Hakka in Japan. However, looking at various fields of research in Japan, one may find that there is little research on this topic by Hakka themselves. Therefore, the overall information on Japanese Hakka is inadequate. In order to a full understanding on Japanese Hakka, this project will convey a fieldwork research and collect local historical information through the collection of reading materials and contacting local Hakka associations. Due to the demands of the entrusted unit, this project will focus on the Hakka’s lives, culture, politics, economic capacity and etc. In addition to literature study and catalog compilation, this project is also dedicated to understanding the Hakka’s immigration and population, industrial and economic characteristics, community organization and public participation, etc.; with the hope of providing a complete view on Japanese Hakka, discussing their ethnic features, and giving suggestions for future studies and exhibitions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98327
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