Title: 車用視訊處理晶片技術開發
Development of Video Processing Technology for Car Electronics
Authors: 郭峻因
Keywords: 車用電子影像輔助;全景視訊;魚眼校正;Vision support for car electronics;Panoramic video;Fish-eye image correction
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 多媒體視訊處理技術的蓬勃發展衍生出各式各樣有趣的應用,提升人們日常生活品質,也增 添了許多生活樂趣。而目前這股應用熱潮也進入了車用電子的領域,從已經普及之汽車多媒體應 用逐漸發展到研發中之各項駕駛安全影像輔助系統等。由目前全球先進車廠的研發趨勢來看,未 來具多媒體影像輔助之各式車用電子系統產品將持續蓬勃發展,代表著智慧汽車中所追求的各項 車用電子系統技術將可以有效提高行車安全性與便利性,降低車禍發生率,保障用路人之生命安 全。然而,此技術發展趨勢也同時衍生了嚴峻的車用電子影像輔助系統之設計挑戰,包含更高的 計算複雜度、更大的記憶體儲存容量與更大的記憶體資料存取頻寬等。 為因應此技術發展趨勢,本計畫之研究主題鎖定為「車用視訊處理晶片技術開發(Development of video processing technology for car electronics)」,開發目前市面上熱門之行車紀錄器產品之可能 延伸加值應用技術,包含寬視角視訊處理技術與廣角鏡頭之魚眼校正技術,以搭配合作廠商之多 媒體視訊編碼技術強項,產出創新產品如寬視角行車紀錄晶片、寬視角倒車攝影晶片等產品,以 創新加值為行車紀錄器產品提升附加價值與產業效益。本計畫之預計產出技術包含: (1)寬視角視訊合成技術與硬體架構設計; (2)廣角鏡之魚眼校正技術與硬體架構設計。 上述技術產出後,合作廠商天擎積體電路公司即可進行相關晶片或SOC之設計,迅速導入市場, 創造可觀產值。
The technology evolution of multimedia video processing has induced various interesting applications, which has promoted the quality of people’s life and introduced lots of fun in everyday life. Currently, the multimedia technology has been applied in the car electronics area from the popular applications evolving to some interesting technologies for intelligent cars. Observing the technology development trend in the topic of intelligent cars from the major players in the world, it is clear that there will be more and more progress in technology development on intelligent car driving supporting systems from now on, which would further improve the safety in driving and reduce the car accident events. However, this technology development trend also induces great design challenges in this area in the aspects of high design complexity, much data storage requirement, and high memory bandwidth. Following this technology trend, this project is entitled “Development of video processing technology for car electronics”,which is to develop the technology like wide viewing angle processing technology and fish-eye correcting technology to add-on features for the hot-selling car traffic recording boxes. The technology to be developed could be cooperated with the strength of the involved company to develop innovative products like wide viewing angle car traffic video recording chip, wide viewing angle rear-end recording chip, and so o, which could boost up the potential product volumn and industrial impact. The technology to be developed in the one-year project includes: (1) Wide viewing angle video processing algorithm and the associated hardware architecture design; (2) Fish-eye correcting algorithm and the associated hardware architecture design. With the developed technology, the cooperative company is able to develop the related SOC chips for system design houses to develop the value-added products.
Gov't Doc #: NSC101-2622-E009-005-CC3
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/98321
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