Title: 探討中華衛星一號粗型太陽感測儀異常與在太陽模式下運作較佳之建議方法
Study of Anomaly of Rocsat-1 Coarse Sun Sensors and a Recommended Method for Better Performance in Sun Mode
Authors: 鄧清政
Ching-Cheng Teng
Keywords: 中華衛星一號;粗型太陽感測儀;姿態測定與控制次系統;ROCSAT-1;Coarse sun sensors (CSSs);Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem(ADCS)
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: 本計劃的主要內容是分析中華衛星一號(ROCSAT-1)上有關粗型太陽感測儀(Coarse sun sensors)的感測資料及異常行為。並且探討如何由粗型太陽感測儀所獲得的資料來估計太陽位置的方法並建立正確的計算模式。最後提出新的測定方法來改善粗型太陽感測儀的效能,除了能使衛星保持正常運作之外,期望能得到精準度更高及可靠性更好的衛星姿態定位系統。 本計劃的實施要點分述如下: 1.對於目前中華衛星一號的粗型太陽感測儀運作與異常情形作一探討。其次利用感測器量測的即時資料來分析誤差對於太陽定位所造成的影響,並且確定可能改進的方向。 2.分析粗型太陽感測儀運作的所有可能方式與結果,並討論對於太陽定位與姿態判定的影響。 3.參考相關文獻、技術報告及衛星感測資料以建立基本數學模式,並且利用此模式來計算太陽位置與衛星姿態。 4.提出新的演算法來改善粗型太陽感測儀的效能,完成太陽定位及衛星姿態系統的模擬分析,並且與衛星感測資料相互比較,以驗證新演算法的可行性。 5.完成計劃報告書及軟體程式碼。
The main content of this project is to analyze the sensor data and anomaly of ROCSAT-1 coarse sun sensors (CSSs). Also study of how to establish the correct calculating mode to estimate sun position by using CSSs data. Finally, a recommended method is proposed to improve the performance of CSSs in order to maintain the normal operation of satellite and obtain more accurate and more reliable attitude determination system. The essential points of this project are described as follows: 1.First to investigate the operation and anomaly of ROCSAT-1 CSSs. Then to analyze the effects of sun position error by using CSSs data and decide the possible better direction. 2.To find out the operation modes and solutions of CSSs. 3.To build-up the mathematical model of CSSs with associative references, technical reports and sensors data. Then to calculate sun position and satellite attitude . 4.To put forward a recommended method to improve the performance of CSSs and to accomplish the simulation of dynamic system of sun acquisition and satellite attitude. To verify the feasibility of this method by comparing with simulation data and real time data. 5.To complete the final report and software source code.
Gov't Doc #: NSC90-NSPO(A)-PC-FA06-02
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/94798
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