Title: 兩岸共同合作重點項目(三):以磁場及光場技術探討聚合物太陽能電池光電轉換之機制
The exploration of photon-to –electron conversion mechanism in polymer solar cells using magnetic and optical field methods
Authors: 韋光華
Keywords: 予體-受體共軛高分子;太陽能電池;界面;光電轉換;donor–acceptor conjugated polymers;solar cells;interface;and photovoltaic process
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 本項目將以國立交通大學、大陸華中科技大學、大陸山東大學互補之學術研究優勢和先進實驗平台為基礎。利用有效實驗方法-光電流磁場效應和光誘導介電效應,揭示控制高分子太陽能電池內部光電轉換過程的關鍵參數,建立有效理論模型,提出調控高分子太陽能電池光-電轉換中光電增益和損耗過之新概念,同時利用化學合成和元件製備技術,透過調控分子界面和元件界面發展高效高分子光電材料和太陽能電池,具體研究目標包括︰(i)合成新穎的予體-受體共軛高分子材料;(ii)揭示分子的能量和極化參數對開路電壓、短路電流和填充因子的影響規律;(iii) 利用分子界面和元件界面控制光吸收、短路電流、開路電壓和填充因子中的損耗過程;(iv) 建立理論模型來描述調控光電過程的關鍵參數;開發出先進的光電高分子和高效率高分子太陽能電池
In the joint project, we investigate internal photovoltaic process in polymer solar cells by combining the critical expertise in organic synthesis from Taiwan Chiao Tung University, device physics from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and theoretical calculation from Shandong University. The goal is to develop advanced photovoltaic materials and highly-efficient polymer solar cells by using collaborative research effort in organic synthesis, device physics, and theoretical calculation. The research consists of three tightly collaborative projects: (i) synthesis of advanced donor-acceptor conjugated polymer, (ii) experimental elucidation on critical parameters in controlling optical absorption, short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, and fill factor in polymer solar cells. (iii) experimental investigation on internal photovoltaic processes: charge dissociation, transport, and collection, and (iv) theoretic study on the critical parameters in controlling internal photovoltaic processes. This project will use collaborative research effort from China and Taiwan to address critical issues involved in short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage, and fill factor. Clearly, this joint project will significantly impact the fundamental research on the development of photovoltaic materials and polymer solar cells.
Gov't Doc #: NSC100-2119-M009-004-MY3
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/90050
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