Title: 電漿火炬電力供應系統-整合鐵心技術之研究
The Technology Development of Iron Integration for Plasma Torch Power System
Authors: 廖德誠
Liaw, Der-Cherng
Keywords: 電漿;plasma
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 為配合「電漿焚化熔融處理有害廢棄物產業化應用與發展」施政目標,開發高功率直流電漿電源技術,期促使國家環境保護技術朝零廢棄物的目標發展。本研究計劃將以電磁理論、電路系統理論及數值方法進行研究,以整合鐵心技術整合電感及變壓器,達到增加能量密度及減少輸出電流漣波的目的,加速完成高功率直流電漿電源技術的開發工作。整合鐵心技術係將電路中電感及變壓器共構於同一鐵心,取代傳統兩級式串接方式,具有許多優點。首先,電感及變壓器在同一鐵心中,磁場有相互抵銷及增強的關係,因此可順利達到增加能量密度及減少輸出電流漣波的目的。然後,因少了一個線路與元件之串聯損失且能量只在單級中處理,而不像兩級式能量需經過兩級的處理,故效率可提昇。另外,單級整合鐵心技術合併了電感及變壓器功能於單級中,體積可大幅縮小。最後,由於元件數目少,因此投資成本約較同樣功能的兩級式架構可大幅減少約15%以上。本計畫將提出直流電漿火炬電源整合鐵心理論分析模型、系統數值模擬模型及系統設計。
To comply with the policy of the application and development of plasma incinerating and melting, the technology of power supply for high power dc plasma is required to develop and meet the national environmental regulation of zero waste. This research project will be devoted to study the related technology, specifically, the integration technology of major magnetic components such as inductors and transformer. It has been reported that the power density might be increased and/or the ripple current might be decreased when the inductors and the transformers of a circuit are integrated on one single core. Moreover, there might have lots of advantages by replacing conventional two-stage cascading circuit with all the inductors and the transformers of a circuit on a single core in a power converter. Among these advantages, it is clear that the volume of the whole circuit will be significantly reduced and the power efficiency of the power circuit has great chance to be improved. The main objective of this project is to study such an issue by using electromagnetic theory, circuit theory and numerical simulations. All the study will be focused on the build-up of the theoretical model for system analysis, the circuit model for numerical simulations and the design of control circuit for the dc plasma torch power supply.
Gov't Doc #: 952001INER010
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/89687
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