Title: On-panel analog output buffer for data driver with consideration of device characteristic variation in LTPS technology
Authors: Li, Yu-Hsuan
Ker, Ming-Dou
Huang, Chun-Yao
Hsu, Chun-Yuan
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Keywords: data driver;analog output buffer;LTPS;slew rate;manufacturing yield
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: A class-A analog output buffer for the data driver with consideration of device variation in low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) technology is proposed. With high enough mobility, LTPS thin-film transistor (TFT) has been suitable for the realization with driver circuits on the LCD panel to meet system-on-panel (SoP) applications. However, the device characteristics of poly-Si TFTs have poor uniformity and suffer from huge variations in different locations due to the poly-silicon grain structures. Besides, the variation on device characteristic of the N-type TFT is much worse than that of P-type TFT. Therefore, replacing the critical part of the analog circuit by P-TFTs is a good design solution for suppressing device characteristic variation in order to improve manufacturing yield of the analog circuit on panel. A class-A output buffer realized with P-TFTs as the input stage has been designed and fabricated in a 8-mu m LTPS technology. From the experimental results, this proposed analog output buffer with P-TFTs as input stage can be operated at 50-kHz operation frequency with at least a 1-to-9 V output swing for using in the on-panel data drivers to provide a uniform brightness and high resolution display.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/8823
ISBN: 978-7-5617-5228-9
Journal: AD'07: Proceedings of Asia Display 2007, Vols 1 and 2
Begin Page: 210
End Page: 215
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