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dc.contributor.authorTsai, Hsien-Chingen_US
dc.contributor.authorChang, Yien_US
dc.description.abstract彩色濾光片為CMOS Image Sensor 的關鍵組件。而高品質的彩色濾光片決定性的影響 CMOS Image Sensor 之畫素及色彩的表現,而彩色濾光片的製程技術涵蓋了精密大面積的蝕刻技術,高速旋轉塗佈技術及精細的微影技術。隨著電子元件尺寸逐步的微小化,蝕刻特性必須被精確的控制,其中包含︰蝕刻率和均勻性等等。本論文將針對在彩色濾光片主流製程技 術做詳盡敘述外,主要目標為彩色濾光片之製程改善,包含如何提升彩色濾光片的製程生產良率,簡化流程並降低彩色濾光片製作成本。 第一種方法為改良彩色濾光片的製程,讓Bond pad 在製程中的最後一道步驟中再打開,來達成保護Bond pad不受彩色濾光片光阻和顯影液的傷害。同時因為增加了表面的平坦度,也一併改善了image defect。第二種方法為利用蝕刻的方式來取代傳統的彩色濾光片顯影步驟,因此減少了光罩的數量並降低彩色濾光片製作成本。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractColor filter is a key component of CMOS image sensor. The quality of color filter decides the performance of the pixel and the color of CMOS image sensor. The manufacturing technologies of the color filter include the precise larger area etching technology, the high speed coating technology and the precise Photolithography technology. To minimize electronic components, the etching process should be controlled precisely, including the etching rate and uniformity. This thesis focuses on the process improvement of the color filter, for example, improving the yield rate of the color filter, simplifying the process and reducing the manufacturing cost of the color filter. These topics will be the major challenge for process improvement of the color filter manufacturers in Taiwan. The first method is improving the process of color filter. Open the bond pad in the last step of the process can protect the bond pad without the influence of the photo resist and developer. As the same time, it can make the surface of the color filter smoother and reduce the image defect also. The second method is using the etching technology to substitute for the developing technology of Color Filter. It can decrease the amount of the TMA and the manufacturing cost of the color filteen_US
dc.subjectColor Filteren_US
dc.titleAdvanced Process developed and Defect density Improvement of Color Filteren_US
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