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dc.description.abstract使用者的個別特質會影響本身在三維空間搜尋系統─Google Earth的搜尋行為與過程。對搜尋會造成影響的因素眾多,研究者從課堂中觀察學生的搜尋過程,發現思考風格與方向感為影響他們搜尋的最明顯因素。再深入觀察分析學生的搜尋過程,歸納出一些特徵如下:思考風格屬於全面型的學生喜歡在高空中居高臨下,進行全覽式搜尋;而詳細型的學生喜愛在低高度仔細探索空間的資訊,進行地毯式搜尋。方向感好的學生找得又快又準確,方向感差的學生不僅找的慢,還可能找不到。因此本研究針對思考風格與方向感來探討其對三維空間搜尋的影響。 本研究採相關研究法,研究樣本為國小六年級學童(N=250),以Google Earth為三維空間搜尋的環境,所有的學生分別進行思考風格與方向感量表的施測,來了解個別特質的差異情形,並進行搜尋任務的測驗。以了解不同特質的學生,進行搜尋任務測驗後,其搜尋過程的差異與影響。研究者發現單高詳細型的學生搜尋會得高分,高方向感的學生搜尋也會得高分,且思考風格群組與方向感有顯著的交互作用。 實驗結果除了提供開發三維空間搜尋系統的參考,也建議教師可利用校園環境與地圖資料來加強學生方向感的訓練,配合學生的思考風格類型,給予適合的教學與回饋,以漸進的方式,增進方向感與地理環境知識或其他學科知識的學習。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractSpecific speciality of user will influence intrinsic the search for the system in three-dimensional space – it is the search of the behavior and course of Google Earth. From the searching factor that will cause influence numerously, the researcher observes students' searching course, develop that thinking style and sense of direction are the most outward determinant which influence their searching. And through analysing students’ searching course, sum up some characteristics as follows: Thinking style belongs to overall students, they like occupying a commanding position and begin completely searching. For detailed thinking style students, they like to explore the information of the space carefully in the low height, and searching in the carpet type. Students with good sense of direction, they could search accurately and fast. For students with bad sense of direction, their searching is slow and maybe can't find the target. So this research is based on thinking style and sense of direction to treat of the influence for three-dimensional space. This research adopts the law of relevant research, and specimen is the sixth grade primary school pupils (N= 250). Follow Google Earth as three-dimensional space search in guide environment, all students’ thinking style and sense of direction amount form to go on respectively. To find out the difference situation of the specific speciality, and do the test of searching task. In order to understand students’ different specialities, develop the searches difference and influence of the course after searching test. Researcher find single high detailed students search high score of causing. For those with high sense of direction students also get high score for searching. Thinking style groups and sense of direction are apparent reciprocation. Except experimental result offers and develops three-dimensional space to search systematic reference, advise the teachers to use the environment of the campus and map materials to strengthen the training of students’ sense of direction too, cooperate with students' thinking style type. In a progressive way to offer suitable teaching and feedback for the students, and promote the study of direction sense and geographical environment knowledge or other disciplines knowledge.en_US
dc.subjectthree-dimensional space search systemen_US
dc.subjectthinking styleen_US
dc.subjectsense of directionen_US
dc.titleThe Effects of Thinking Styles Level and Sense of Direction on 3-Dimentional Search Systemen_US
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