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dc.contributor.authorPi-Ying Chengen_US
dc.description.abstract近年來3C產品的發展迅速、外觀功能推陳出新的時間也越來越快。然而工業設計師或機構工程師在進行產品設計時,多半還是採取傳統複製或局部修改的程序進行所謂的改良設計,此過程缺乏創新構想,更鮮少考慮到產品人因工程設計。比如以手部操作相關的產品,數位DV、相機、滑鼠、PDA、手機或是一般手工具等,除了考慮產品造型更需要考慮到握持時的穩定性和舒適度。目前的設計軟體功能雖然強大完整,但對於虛擬操作型態方面並沒有給予使用者很完整的資訊。面對消費者對於產品操作穩定度的要求日漸增嚴格時代,在設計的過程中加入產品握持時穩定性的考量有其必要性。 本研究提出了以生物力學分析模擬輔助產品造型人體工學評估創新設計方法並以數位DV的握把為例,說明創新的過程與法則,利用手掌模擬器結合產品握把的開發設計與模擬分析方法,本研究首先探討有關手掌模擬器模擬有關握把設計人體工學評估的實驗模擬分析過程,透過3D軟體SolidWorks 建構手掌模擬器,並將各型產品握把雛型輸入搭配手掌模擬器進行手抓握過程模擬後計算分析每根手指節的受力、速度變化和握持姿勢等,並透過力學模式的分析數據,以本實驗室(CIDM Lab.)訂定的握把穩定度評定準則進行系統化歸納與評估,以縮短開發時間與成本,做有效率的應用達成3C產品握把最佳化設計的目標,並希冀建立3C產品握把甚至或一般工具握把開發設計分析方法的參考法則。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn recent years, the speed and quantity of 3C (handheld electronic devices) product development is faster than ever before. For handheld electronic products such as, DV,digital camera, mouse, PDA ,cellular phone and hand tool. Industrial and mechanical designer still design product based on convention copy and local modification, that have been using these design ideas, which lacks the element of ergonomics. In addition to excellent product appearance, the principles of a great product design also need to focus on operational comfort and stability. Putting design concept aside, design tool also plays a major role. The current state of the art 3D design software offers plenty of functions ; however, it lacks virtual simulation data for designer to simulate just exactly how his/her design actually feels like. Today, the end user demand product that offers better handheld comfort as well as stability, it is necessary for ID/mechanical designer to design with these focus in mind. The purpose of this research is to come up with an innovative design methodology of DV handle and assist in ergonomics of product appearance by biomechanical to explain innovation process where the palm simulation mechanical is combined with simulation analysis during the product design phase. This research analysis will also evaluate the result from palm simulation and mechanical simulate ergonomics experiment and the biomechanical of hand to aided design. Using the “Solidworks,” to produce a virtual palm , then enters every kind of handle to simulate the grip of the virtual palm ,calculation of grip force, speed and pose data from every finger and analyze these data by way of dynamics. Then being to induced and estimated by CIDM Lab to set up principles of stability. We not only achieve optimum design for handheld electronic product of handle ,but also shorten the developing time and development cost Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to make this methodology as one of the design principles for handheld electronic.en_US
dc.subjectProduct of handle for 3Cen_US
dc.titleA Study of Innovative Design Methodology on Handle Mechanism of 3C Productsen_US
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