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dc.contributor.authorHsu Chia Yuanen_US
dc.contributor.authorChung-Yung Changen_US
dc.description.abstract面對全球半導體需求的持續增,顯見半導體產業仍是未來相當重要的科技產業,其對於專業性的知能與技能的員工越是仰賴,所以必須重視企業組織內部的員工。 企業組織為了能永續經營對於人才的吸引、培育、留任、激勵、保障等都是無一不是人力資源的管理方針。但員工對於企業組織的理念是否認同,還是因為高薪資、紅利的誘因下,使得員工以金錢導向而迫使留任,這是企業組織所不願意見到的結果。所以如何提升員工的留職意願、員工的努力程度以及員工的認同感,對於企業組織就成為相當重要的課題。就目前管理手法上較能夠控制與掌握的部份即是組織內的工作特性,藉由工作設計的改善進而提升員工對於工作的滿意與組織的承諾與認同。主要研究目的為: (一)探討員工屬性變項與工作特性、工作滿意與組織承諾各構面間的相關性,提供半導體產業在人才招募時的考量,使其能在第一個時間點就找到對的人,以降低日後的員工離職率。 (二)探討不同的工作特性、工作滿意與組織承諾三者間的相關性,作為日後人力資源管理在設計工作特性時的參考依據。使其所提供的工作能符合員工與組織的期望,並提升員工的向心力,藉以提升企業整體競爭力。 本研究以新竹科學園區某一家半導體工廠為例,總共回收692份有效問卷,在資料收集過程中,其樣本對象是鎖定生產線上的工作人員,並使用統計軟體SPSS來做變異數分析與相關性分析,最終得到以下的研究結果: (一)員工的工作特性各構面與工作滿意度各構面是具有明顯正相關性的。 (二)員工的性別、年齡、教育程度及公司年資等屬性與工作特性、工作滿意各構面間具有不同的差異性,但婚姻狀態是沒有差異的。 (三)員工的工作特性、工作滿意對於組織承諾中的努力承諾是有正向關係,表示該公司提共的工作是有富有挑戰性且工作環境擁有良好的氣氛,讓員工很願意在這樣的環境中為公司效力。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractTo keep fulfilling the continuous global demand,manufacturing industries in Taiwan are expanding capacity with highly integrated design and process to the leading status. Among high-tech industries, the semiconductor industry is relatively important. The more professionalism and skills the industries need, the more emphasis the enterprises’ employees. The enterprises keep running business by attraction, education, training, retention to their employees as the human resources administrative policy, but whether the employees are retented due to the consistence with the companies’ vision or high salary packages and attractive bonus. To implement expensing of employee profit-sharing programs to rationalize stock-holders' return, this impact of employee profit-sharing on employee productivity policy will definitely be greatly impacted. Before this policy is implemented, a company must do something to retain her employees. It is not easy to tackle with people retention, the willing ness to the job, and organizational commitments. It is appreciated that the relationship between job characteristic and job satisfaction have been much studied while researches on organizational commitment are as well. In the point of HR’s view, to improve job characteristic by means of the change, job satisfaction can gain organizational commitments. In this paper, we focus on direct labors in Hsinchu Science Park as sampling to discuss the relationship analysis among job characteristic, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. The main research goal is: (1) discussion on population variables with the operational factor, the job characteristics, job satisfaction and organizational commitement, so that the right person at the first time can be exactly recruited (2) discussion on positive correlationship among the job characteristics, the job satisfaction and organizational commitement, so that job design can be followed with the criteria to meet the organizational expectation and competitive advantages. 692 effective questionaries are sampled and all of which are analyzed by the SPSS statistics software, so that the turnover rate can be controlled, productivity can be improved and organization can be reinforcement in order to promote the effectiveness in human resource management. The result is as below. 1.There is a positive relationship between employees’ characteristics and job satisfaction 2.There is a difference between job characteristics and job satisfaction and the employees’ gender, age, education and seniority and but no difference with martial status. 3.There is a positive relationship among job characteristics, job satisfaction and organizational commitment, which implies the job is challenging and good environment, so that the employees are willing to devote themselves to the company.en_US
dc.subjectJob Characteristicen_US
dc.subjectJob Satisfactionen_US
dc.subjectOrganizational Commitmenten_US
dc.title員工之工作特性、工作滿意與組織承諾之關性研究 - 以某半導體代工廠為例zh_TW
dc.titleRelationship Analysis Among Job Characteristic, Job satisfaction, And Organizational Commitment – An Empirical Study of A Semiconductor Manufacturing Companyen_US
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