Title: 利用鎖相迴路鑑別結構共振
Identifying Resonant Structure with Phase Locked Loops
Authors: 黃建成
Huang Chien-Cheng
Chieng Wei-Hua
Keywords: 鎖相迴路;共振;PLL;system identification;MEMS
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 本論文目的在探討利用一個簡單的方法去估計一個共振二階系統的自然頻率以及阻尼比。在陀螺儀和加速度計中結構的瑕疵以及黏滯阻尼會降低微機電系統的性能。利用鎖相迴路當作微機電系統裝置的驅動電路,我們可以利用追蹤頻率去估計一個共振二階系統的自然頻率以及阻尼比。接下來我們利用一個電路去完成我們所提議的方法,以及利用此電路去估計一個二階系統的自然頻率以及阻尼比。
This study presents a simple method to evaluate the natural frequency and the damping ratio of a second order system considering resonant excitation. Structural imperfection and the viscous damping can dramatically reduce the performance of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) in gyro or accelerometer applications. Using the phase locked loops (PLL) as the electrical driving circuit of the MEMS devices, the tracking frequency can be used to calculate the natural frequency and the damping ratio. The proposed method is implemented using a simple circuit.
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