Title: 不同生活型態女性消費者在開架式化妝品廣告代言人廣告效果影響之分析─以台北市國立大專女性學生為例
The Study for the Different Lifestyle Female on the Effect of Open-Shelf Cosmetics' Endorser Advertisement : An Example of College Female in Taipei City
Authors: 童怡菁
Yi-Ching Tung
Chi Chiang
Quang-Hua Chen
Keywords: 開架式保養品;廣告代言人;市場區隔;生活型態;廣告效果;open-shelf cosmetics;endorser advertisement;segmentation;lifestyle;advertising effect
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 隨著社會、經濟環境變遷,女性消費能力及獨立自主意識的增強,大量的美容資訊使得女性在購買化妝品的管道不再侷限在百貨公司,便利超商、量販店、藥妝店等開架式通路也受到廣大女性消費者的喜愛。開架式通路無壓力的購物環境更使得開架式化妝品的業績不斷成長。百貨公司化妝品業者一向以明星代言人帶動買氣的行銷方式,是否也可以同樣為漸為女性選購化妝品主力的開架式通路品牌,建立知名度及影響力,刺激消費慾望,帶動業績,乃成為本研究目的並希望能提供給相關業者做為擬定策略之參考。 本研究採用實驗法來進行研究,以開架式化妝保養品為實驗的產品,台北市八所國立大專院校女性學生為研究對象,先以AIO生活型態變數作市場區隔後,再透過有無廣告代言人的印刷式平面廣告來了解對不同集群受試者的廣告效果之影響,同時對各個市場區隔對象做人口統計變數、消費實態變數、購買評估準則之描述。 研究結果指出購買開架式化妝保養品的大專院校女性學生可以生活型態來作有效市場區隔,各個區隔之女性學生,在有廣告代言人時,會有較高之廣告記憶、廣告態度、產品態度及購買意願。
As the changing society and economic environment, female has grown her consumption ability and independency, and much beauty information also make female buy cosmetics no longer be constrained at department stores. More and more female consumers like to buy cosmetics at self-selected channels, such as convenience stores, shopping centers and health & beauty chain. Free and relaxed shopping atmosphere has contributed much sales performance for the self-selected channels. The cosmetics companies at department store usually use star endorser to promote, and whether also be a good strategy for the self-selected cosmetics companies to build reputation, excite consumption intention, and rise sales. The purpose of the research wants to find out the effect and provides self-selected cosmetics companies a reference to formulate their marketing strategy. This research uses the experimental method to collect the data. The experimental object is open-shelf cosmetics and the experimental subjects are the female students of eight national universities in Taipei city. The study used AIO variables to segment market and then printed ad are used to test the endorser’s impact on the advertising effect between different segmentation. And, demographic data, consumption reality and consumption evaluation criteria are used to describe the three segments. The research has results that the customers of the open-shelf cosmetics can be effectively segmented by lifestyle variables. Between the three groups, endorser does to rise the advertisement recalls, advertisement attitude, product attitude, and consumption intention.
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