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dc.description.abstract國內歷經多次重大災害後,防救災工作已為政府部門及專家學者廣為探討之議題,惟大部分集中於台灣本島各縣市,而針對離島澎湖縣、金門縣及連江縣等,未見有深入之研究,本研究深感若離島縣市突發重大危急之災難,以地方政府現有體制、資源及能量是否能立即因應,值得深思。 離島各縣市針對防救災工作起步較晚,有關地區防救災管理模式及各項防救災工作均處摸索階段,加上地方人力、資源嚴重不足,以往歷史災害資料,未有能系統處理及保存,礙於防救災資料相當缺乏情況下,對整個研究而言實為困難。 本論文試著從離島地區災害防救計畫內容及實際工作執行過程中,試圖探討三縣市防救災工作之減災、整備、應變、復原等四個階段管理模式之差異性及實務面之不足處,僅就個人一些淺見提供地方政府參考,期能對其推動防救災工作上有所助益。另亦期有志推動離島防救災工作研究者,能繼續深入研究協助離島縣市防救災工作之推展。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAfter going through numerous great calamities at home, the topic of defending the disaster relief work and already probing into government department and experts and scholars far and wide, only the majority concentrates on this island all counties and cities of Taiwan, and direct against Penghu county, Jinmen county and Lianjiang county of subsidiary island,etc., not seeing that there is deep research, this research feels if the critical disaster happens suddenly greatly in the counties and cities of subsidiary island deeply, whether the existing system, resource and energy of local government of Israel can answer immediately, worth thinking deeply about. All counties and cities of subsidiary island start relatively late to defending the disaster relief work, the relevant areas defend the management style providing disaster relief and stage of fumbling in the place of disaster relief work of every dyke, in addition, local manpower, resource are insufficient seriously, the historical calamity materials in the past, can deal with and keep systematically, for fear of defending the materials providing disaster relief quite under the situation of lacking, it is actually difficult as to whole research. This thesis tries to defend and rescue planning to carry out from the subsidiary island district calamity in the course in the content and real work, attempt to probe into three counties and cities and defend reducing natural disasters, reorganizing and outfitting, meet an emergency, recover from waiting the difference of management styles and deficiency place the practice in four stages of disaster relief work, some superficial views offer the local government to consult on individual alone, one can promote defending providing disaster relief to benefit to it to some extent at work. Another also one promotes the subsidiary island to defend a disaster relief work researcher strong-willedly, can continue further investigating the push helping the counties and cities of subsidiary island to defend the disaster relief work.en_US
dc.subjectdisaster managementen_US
dc.titleInvestigation on Disaster Prevention and Rescue Managementen_US
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