Title: GRA Decision Making Model for the Integrated Strategies of Life Cycle with Industrial Value Chain
Authors: Huang Jen-Hung
Chu Tzong-Yau
Chen Cheng-Tien
Department of Management Science
Keywords: Industry life cycle (ILC);Integrated strategies of value chain (ISVC);Industrial value chain (IVC);Grey relational analysis (GRA);Analytic hierarchic process (AHP);Multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM)
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The Competitive environment confronted by acceleration industry life cycle (ILC). The ILC goes through many phases, involves many professional disciplines, and requires many skills, tools and processes. Therefore, this paper proposes an evaluation model combining the concept of ILC and industrial value chain (IVC). In addition, the paper develops the integrated strategies of value chain (ISVC) for the different four stages of ILC. A model is established by analytic hierarchic process (AFP) and grey relational analysis (GRA). It is anticipated that the model can provide the other industries decision maker selection different integrated strategies under the different stages of ILC. Importantly, the proposed model can assist the any industry decision makers to assess the integration strategies, making it highly applicable for academia and commercial purposes.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11536/7854
ISSN: 0957-3720
Volume: 21
Issue: 2
Begin Page: 209
End Page: 224
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