Title: 應用於單電感雙輸出轉換器之動態直流位準混合模式控制
Hybrid Mode Control with Load Dependent DC Level for SIDO Converter
Authors: 伍哲緯
Che-Wei Wu
Ke-Horng Chen
Keywords: 多輸出轉換器;動態直流位準;互穩壓;電荷控制;遲滯控制;multiple converter;dynamic dc level;cross regulation;charge control;hysteretic control
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 隨著系統晶片(SoC) 的蓬勃發展和積體電路設計的技術演進,對於可攜式產品的功能需求不再僅僅只是單一功能,而是多功能。然而這些功能的增加亦增加了功率的消耗,如何延長電池的使用時間變成了一個重要的議題,為了延長電池的壽命,電源管理成為一項受歡迎的技術。 一般而言, 直流對直流轉換器的實現有個重要的不同功能的模組有各自需求的供應電壓,因此電源管理系統必需供應不同電壓和電流位準給予這些功能模組。多輸出轉換器常被用來供應不同電壓、電流位準給予這些模組,然而,多輸出轉換器有個嚴重的問題存在-互穩壓。因此,我們提出了動態直流位準混合模式控制有效地抑制互穩壓的發生,並且不需要額外的補償元件和動態調整直流位準進而提高系統的效能。
In the progress of guide of the System on Chip (SoC) and development of integrated circuit design, the portable devices not only include unitary function but multiple-function. However, these functions increase the power consumption, therefore, how to extend the battery life time becomes one of the important issues. In order to extend battery life time, the power management becomes more and more popular techniques. Generally speaking, it is important to implement DC-DC converters with minimized components and small footprint area. However, large external compensated resistors and capacitors are requires to stabilize DC-DC converters. The proposed SIDO converter not only provides dual output sources but also has minimized cross regulation without use any external compensated components.
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