Title: 鋰電池脈衝放電行為之研究
On pulsive discharge behavior for Lithium Ion battery
Authors: 林耕興
geng-xing lin
Lan-Rong Dung
Keywords: 鋰電池;Lithium Ion Battery
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本論文主要目地在利用有效管理電池放電行為藉此延長鋰電池的放電時間,主要探討直流與脈衝放電兩種行為,想從中找到直流放電與脈衝放電之極限所在。使用真實電池做實驗會遇到電池老化、充電時間長、充飽後內含電量不一致、無法觀察完整放電過程…等問題。於是藉由一硬體平台來模擬鋰電池充放電的行為,由模擬結果找到脈衝放電與直流放電相比較所能得到好處的上下極限,方便電路設計者應用。最後再將模擬所得數據做曲線契合,找到快速估算鋰電池直流及脈衝放電數學模型,僅需以一個(電流參數)及兩個參數(電流、脈衝放電週期),就能快速代入數學模型中得到鋰電池放電時間,節省掉冗長的軟體模擬時間。
The main purpose in this thesis is efficiently managing the discharge behaviors of Lithium Ion battery in order to extending the battery discharge time. The main point of view that we considered about is constant and pulsive discharge. When we used real battery for discharge experiments, we found that many problems like battery aging、recharge time、the amount of charges after different charge behavior and data collection. In order to prevent the effects form those problems, we used a battery emulator with a LED array simulator for real-time data collection. Form the simulating results; we could find the upper bound and lower bound for the advantage of pulsive charging. At last, we use mathematics model with one or two input variables for curve fitting in order to estimate battery discharge time quickly
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