Title: 以眼動波應用於人機介面之眼滑鼠
EOG based Eye Mouse for Human-Machine Interface Applications
Authors: 王脩涵
Hsiu-Han Wang
Jin-Chern Chiou
Keywords: 眼動波;人機介面;滑鼠;eog;human machine interface;mouse
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 在本篇論文中,以研究一種使用眼睛移動而不用手控制的電腦游標控制機構,簡稱「眼滑鼠」。此眼滑鼠讓身心殘障、癱瘓人士有機會單單靠著眼睛的移動去使用電腦。 具體地說起來,眼滑鼠提供給使用者一種方法僅用注視來控制的系統。在此系統中,眼動波訊號是使用者眼睛移動、注視所產生的,而眼動波是透過貼附在臉上的電極所量測到,電極量測到的訊號再即時的經過訊號處理與分析,藉由持續性的的量測眼動波訊號,眼滑鼠系統能夠辨識多種眼睛刻意移動的訊號,透過此訊號能夠控制電腦上的游標來做動作。
In this dissertation, a new computer cursor control mechanism, called eye mouse, using eye movements without hands, is presented. The eye mouse provides an opportunity for a paralyzed person to using computer with only his/her eye movements . Specifically speaking, eye mouse provides the user with a method of the gaze-controlled system. In this system, EOG (electrooculogram) signals produced by the user’s eye saccade movements are recorded through electrodes placing on the face, and then the signals are reconstructed and analyzed in real time. By constantly monitoring the electrooculogram signal of the user, the eye mouse is able to recognize several intentional eye motions and in turn, control the cursor on the computer screen.
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