Title: DNP3於配電饋線監控系統之應用研究
A Development of DNP3 Protocol for Power Feeder Monitoring System
Authors: 林家弘
Chia-Hung Lin
Der-Cherng Liaw
Keywords: DNP3;饋線資訊末端設備;配電饋線監控;DNP3;FTU;Power Feeder Monitoring System
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 為了提升電力品質與供電可靠度,電力監控系統顯得十分的重要,其中,配電饋線系統為最貼近用戶之下游電力網,是監控供電品質的主要目標之一,但由於配電系統分佈廣闊,配電饋線監控設備也隨之分散,因應監控系統中安全且有效率的傳遞資訊,需要選擇合適的通訊協定。配電饋線監控系統屬於SCADA系統中的一種應用,目前常見的SCADA系統通訊協定,有Modbus、IEC 870-5-101及DNP3等等,各有各自的特色。其中,本論文選用DNP3於配電饋線監控系統應用之通訊協定。除進一步探討此通訊協定內部的運作,並以最簡單的點對點網路拓樸為架構,實現DNP3通訊模組,加以驗證DNP3傳輸的特性。
For improving the electric power quality and reliability of the power supply system, the power monitoring system is important. The power feeder system is close to users, since it is one of the most important objectives for controlling electric power quality. Power feeder monitoring system is widely distributed over anywhere with power supply system. We must choose a proper protocol in order to communicate successfully and efficiently in power feeder monitoring system. The power feeder monitoring system is a kind of SCADA system. There are one's own characteristics in present common SCADA protocols, such as Modbus, IEC 870-5-101 and DNP3, etc. Among them, this thesis selects DNP3 for power feeder monitoring system. In this thesis, the communication operation of the DNP3 is studied and implemented on Point-to-Point network topology.
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