Title: 最佳化正數列頻譜近似
Optimization on the Spectrum of Positive Sequence Approximation
Authors: 林朔弘
Shuo-Hung Lin
Fu-Ching Lee
Keywords: 濾波器;正數列;頻譜;帕克司-麥克連法;交替定理;Filter;Positive Sequence;Spectrum;Parks-McClellan Algorithm;Alternation Theorem
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本篇論文研究的主題在找出一串有限長度的正數列,使其頻譜能夠最佳近似於一個已經給定的非負頻譜。文中藉由一個簡單的濾波器結構開始,用此濾波器結構所產生的優點,以此優點做為我們尋找正數列的開始。也就是重新改變此濾波器的結構,來獲得我們所想要的正數列頻譜。
The purpose of this thesis is searching for a finite-length positive sequence so that its spectrum can optimally approximate to a given spectrum. In this text, we begin with a simple filter structure and use the advantage of this filter structure. By using this advantage of the filter structure, we can find a finite-length positive sequence. We change this filter structure slightly to obtain the spectrum of the positive sequence which we want.
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