Title: 適用於多極輸出電源轉換器之最小化交錯穩壓操作模式
Minimized Cross Regulation Operation Mode for Multiple-Output Power Converters
Authors: 蔡宗玲
Tzung-Ling Tsai
Ke-Horng Chen
Keywords: 電源轉換器;交錯穩壓;操作模式;power converter;cross regulation;multiple-output
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 現今可攜式電子產品擁有大量新穎的功能,除了使得電路的複雜度不斷地增加外,功率的消耗更是大量的增加。為延長電池的使用時間,針對這些系統提供有效的電源管理技術是迫切與重要的。多極輸出的電源轉換器可將電源有效的利用以達成省電的目標。此種轉換器供給多種輸出電位至不同功能電路或是不同操作模式,使得不同的功能電路可操作在各自適當的電位上減少不必要的功率損耗。 本論文實現一種適用於晶片製作的多極輸出電源轉化器。這種電源轉換器架構相較於傳統的架構而言,大幅地縮減體積、降低成本以及改善電磁干擾等缺點。此外,更成功地將多極輸出電源轉換器遭遇的棘手交錯穩壓影響最小化。
Modern portable electronic products usually have many novel functions. These may not only increase complexity of the circuits but also raise the power consumption. In order to extend the lifetime of battery, providing the effective technologies of the power management is necessary and important. Using multiple-output power converters to save energy is the effective method. These power converters can provide several output voltage levels to different function blocks or different operation modes. Thus, unnecessary power consumption is reduced. This thesis implements the multiple-output power converter which is suitable for IC fabrication. This scheme of power converter reduces volume, cost, and electro magnetic interference. Moreover, these multiple-output power converters successfully minimize cross regulation effect.
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