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dc.contributor.authorChen Jiin-jyhen_US
dc.contributor.authorGin-Yuan Leeen_US
dc.contributor.authorQuang-Hua Chenen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討消費者行為,並以數位相機產業作為研究對象,期望能對數位相機市場加以分析,並針對數位相機業者提出行銷策略。 在消費實態上,大台北地區消費者,最常購買的數位相機品牌為日本品牌,最常花費的選購時間以八天至二週為最多,最常購買價格是10001~15000元,最常購買地點為電腦及週邊資訊專賣店,購買動機最主要為「方便使用」,主要資訊來源為「網路」。就品牌來源國形象方面,受訪者同意程度最高為「產品品質值得信賴」 ,其次為「產品製造技術水準佳」,再其次為「產品具耐用性」。而對此三項重視程度高的消費者,對日本數位相機購買意願最高,其次是對德國數位相機購買意願最高。 其次,針對業者提出目標客群、通路策略、促銷策略、產品策略、價格策略建議如下: 就目標客群而言,建議可針對男性、21~30歲消費者推出較高價機種。就通路策略而言,在資訊展時可針對軍公教及自由業者作促銷,並建議台灣業者可多選擇電視廣告為促銷管道。就購買動機而言,消費者對不同品牌來源國數位相機的購買動機均不相同,因此,應針對不同動機設計促銷活動。就產品策略而言,對品牌屬性、附加功能、外觀造型這三方面產品屬性較重視的消費者,購買價格也較高。因此,建議業者在促銷時,強調這些構面以吸引消費者。就價格策略而言,數位相機市場已從成長期邁入成熟期,價格競爭激烈,建議業者設定價格仍以10001~15000元及5001~10000元為主。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThis study wants to analyze the purchasing behavior of customers in digital still camera (DSC) market and give useful suggestion to DSC makers. In Taipei area, the most common purchasing brand is Japanese brands, the most common purchasing price is around NT$10001~15000, the most common place to purchase DSC is 3C outlets and the most common motive is “convenient to use”, the most common information source is “internet”. Customers usually spend 8 days to 2 weeks to decide the brand and variant. For the image of country- of-origin, respondents believe that it is related to the awareness of “product quality is reliable”, “product has high technology” and “durability of product”. Customers who value these 3 items as important items prefer to use Japanese brand the most, and followed by German brand. We also have following suggestion to DSC makers: For target customer, we find out that male, 21~30 year-old customers are willing to spend more money on DSC purchasing. For channel strategy, IT product exhibition is more effective for people working in government service and free lacers. Moreover, TV advertisement is a better channel for Taiwanese makers to promote their product. Beside that, customers have different motives to different DSC brands with different country of original. For product strategy, customers who think brand, additional function and appearance design are more important are willing to pay more to DSC. Therefore, we suggest DSC makers should stress on these product attribute to attract customers. For pricing strategy, DSC market is a mature market and has severe price competitive activity. NT$10001~15000 and NT$5001~10000is accepted for most customers.en_US
dc.subjectDSC (digital still camera)en_US
dc.subjectcountry-of-origin effecten_US
dc.subjectproduct involvementen_US
dc.subjectpurchasing behavior of customeren_US
dc.titleA Study in Purchasing Behavior of Customers -Take People in Taipei Area as an Exampleen_US
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