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dc.description.abstract台灣高速鐵路此次引進執世界軌道技術牛耳的日本與德國Rheda 2000版式軌道系統,且軌道型式均屬最新發展之版式軌道型式;分別為應用在主線上的日本AF-55版式軌道與車站區的德國Rheda 2000版式軌道。然而坊間文獻中所介紹有關日本與德國版式軌道除介紹之型式較舊外,大部分是介紹軌道結構型式與施工方法,鮮少進一步探討在軌道施工過程中其他相關問題。因此本論文為針對日本AF-55與德國Rheda 2000版式軌道系統作一系列之探討與分析。 本論文之研究方法主要是以專家訪談與資料整理為主,再以表格的方式做兩軌道系統的比較,探討內容包括軌道興建過程中之施工進度、施工品質與施工成本。相關研究成果如下: (一)在施工進度方面,日本AF-55版式軌道之預鑄軌道版之預鑄工率低於德國Rheda2000版式軌道之預鑄軌枕。日本AF-55版式軌道之整體施工速率高於德國Rheda2000版式軌道。 (二)在施工品質方面,日本AF-55版式軌道之預鑄軌道版其預鑄不合格率低於德國Rheda2000版式軌道的預鑄軌枕。日本AF-55版式軌道施工複雜性與品質管制項目多於德國Rheda2000版式軌道。 (三)在施工成本方面,日本AF-55版式軌道之材料、機具、設備與人力成本均高於德國Rheda2000版式軌道。 (四)以台灣目前之營造環境下,建議使用日本AF-55版式軌道。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe track systems adopted by Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) are Japanese AF-55 and German Rheda 2000 track systems, which are classified as the top technology of track systems in the world as well as are the newest types of slab tracks. The Japanese AF-55 slab track is used on the main line, while the German Rheda 2000 slab track is used around Station of THSR. It is noticed that the track types were out-of-fashion introduced in most of the published books and studies. They rarely discuss the related issued that may encounter during construction stage but just introduced the types structures and construction methods. Therefore, this thesis will explore and analyze three aspects of Japanese AF-55 and German Rheda 2000 slab track systems, this is, the construction progress, quality and cost during track construction stage. The research method of this thesis includes track expert interview, information collection and comparison of the two track systems shown in tables. The performances of the study are as below: 1.In terms of construction progress, German Rheda 2000 is superior to Japanese AF-55 in precast production rate but inferior in field construction rate. 2.In terms of construction quality, Japanese AF-55 precast plate has a lower percentage of non-conformances than German Rheda 2000 precast sleeper in precast plant. Japanese AF-55 slab track has more complicated building factors and more quality control items than German Rheda 2000 slab track. 3.In terms of construction cost: the material, equipment, plant and labour of Japanese AF-55 slab track cost greatly more than German Rheda 2000 slab track. 4.It is suggested that Taiwan adopts Japanese AF-55 slab track based on Taiwan’s current construction environment.en_US
dc.subject德國Rheda 2000版式軌道zh_TW
dc.subjectJapanese AF-55 slab tracken_US
dc.subjectGerman Rheda 2000 slab tracken_US
dc.titleA Comparative Study of Constructability for Japanese and German Slab Tracks-Lessons Learned from Taiwan High Speed Railway Projecten_US
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