Title: LCOS光機引擎熱分析研究
The Thermal Analysis of a LCOS Optical Engine System
Authors: 范植訓
Chih-Hsun Fan
Chinghua Hung
Keywords: 投影機;熱分析;LCOS;Thermal
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 擁有高解析度且大銀幕畫面的電視,一直是消費者所追求的理想。在眾多顯示技術中,結合半導體以及液晶技術的LCOS光機引擎技術為其中的一個值得注目的平台。 先前的研究指出LCOS光機引擎的影像品質與系統的溫度有相當大的關聯,因此本文利用計算流體力學軟體模擬分析新一代的LCOS背投影電視內的光機引擎。 藉由配合廠商實際製造驗證,並且針對光機引擎內各重要元件進行溫度實驗量測,本文不但建立了溫度分佈對於系統影像品質的現象關聯性,也根據此關聯性提出關於產品改善的必要建議。
It is now the aspiration for consumers to purchase the high definition/resolutions large screen TV. Among all the possible technology platforms, LCOS (liquid crystal on Silicon) is one of the promising solutions. Previous researches indicate that the image qualities might be limited by the thermal management of the optical engine. This thesis applies the computational fluid dynamics program to analyze the thermal-fluid interaction within a new optical engine, as the solution for the next generation rear projection TV. Verified therethrough experiment by the fabrication company, this article establishes the phenomenological relations between the thermal distributions and the images qualities. Solution and strategy to improve the products for mass productions are also proposed
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