Title: 應用於光開關的雙穩態靜電式微致動器之設計與製作
Design and Fabrication of Bi-Stable Electrostatic Actuator for Optical Switches
Authors: 黃議模
Yi-Mou Huang
Tzong-Shi Liu
Keywords: 光開關;雙穩態靜電式微致動器;Optical Switches;Bi-Stable Electrostatic Actuator
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究使用絕緣矽晶圓之深蝕刻技術,製備平面雙穩態靜電式微致動器,以低驅動電壓為目的,依據2x2埠光開關所需規格,進行了分析、設計、製作、測試。首先,在驅動電壓的部份,本研究實現了低驅動電壓的設計,在不必對雙穩態結構進行薄化處理情況下,採用三排的斜齒式梳狀靜電致動器。依所搭配不同寬度的雙穩態結構,獲得其驅動電壓平均值分別為18.7伏特及24.8伏特。結果,在光訊號切換時間分別是0.8ms及1.1ms,較李[2005]發表之雙穩態熱電式微致動器所製成的2x2埠光開關快。
This study has designed and fabricated electrostatic microactuators for 2x2 optical switches respectively with low drive voltages of 18.7V and 24.8V, and switching speed at 0.8ms and 1.1ms that are faster than other electrothermal type 2x2 optical switches. The said switches were prepared by using one-step height deep reactive ion etching on silicon on isolator wafers (DRIE+SOI) process platform.
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