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dc.contributor.authorNguyen Thi Thanh Anen_US
dc.contributor.authorChen, Yaw-Chungen_US
dc.description.abstract隨著整合 GPS 技術的智慧型裝置的逐漸成長,使用地圖以及追蹤功能的使用者也越來越多,然而,目前現存的地圖系統能否使用雲端 SQL,而這需要一個安全的、可用性高的並且耐用的 SQL 伺服器,這件事情尚未被認真驗證過。此外,目前的地圖追蹤系統並沒有與被動式即時追蹤地圖功能做整合,這篇論文的目的是要建立一個 Android 智慧裝置上的地圖追蹤應用軟體,它將使用 Google Cloud SQL 雲端運作,並且具有被動式即時追蹤功能。為了要達成這個目的,我們將提出一個系統架構,包含 Client 端以及 Server 端,前者是一個具有地圖追蹤功能的 Android 應用程式,後者則是使用 Google Cloud SQL 的中央伺服器。使用 Google Cloud SQL 的好處是它比一般的 SQL Server 擁有更高的安全性以及可用性。我們的研究結果包含了完整的系統以及三項模擬實驗,分別在 Android 裝置以及 Web 界面上驗證 "Trip Tracker System" (旅行追蹤系統)。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractAlong with the strong growth of smart devices integrated GPS technology, a number of users using map and tracking system on smartphone has have been rapidly increasing. However, the existing map tracking systems using Cloud SQL, which requires a secure, available and durable SQL server, have not yet been investigated. Moreover, the recent map and tracking application does not combine both passive and real-time tracking map function into a tracking system. The aim of this study is to build a map tracking android application on mobile devices with the system using cloud computing based on Google Cloud SQL, and this application will be integrated with both passive and real-time tracking functions. In order to carry out this research, a new system architecture including –a client side, which is a map tracking android application on smart devices, and a central server station, which includes a server and Google Cloud SQL, was proposed. Because of the ability to store and process database on Google Cloud SQL, the database of the system is more secure, available and durable than the other SQL platform. The result of this research shows a complete system with the simulations and three experiments when performing “Trip Tracker system” on android application and web interface.en_US
dc.subjectAndroid 應用程式zh_TW
dc.subjectTracking systemen_US
dc.subjectCloud computingen_US
dc.subjectAndroid applicationen_US
dc.titleDesign and Development of a Cloud-based Trip-tracker map systemen_US
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