Title: 二矽化鈷薄膜電子傳輸與結構之研究
Electrical and structural characterization of CoSi2 thin films
Authors: 凃順財
Tu, Shun-Tsat
Lin, Juhn-Jong
Keywords: 鈷矽化合物;電子傳輸;Co;electrical
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 此次實驗進行使用四種不同變因於實驗室所製作二矽化鈷樣品,探討不同變因之間對於成長出來的二矽化鈷有何影響,而四種變因分別為:退火溫度、退火時間、厚度及矽基板。我們使用封閉式循環致冷機量測電阻率與溫度的關係圖,溫度範圍為10 K至290 K,以及在溫度於10 K時量測磁電阻,並且將所量測到的電阻率利用Bloch-Grüneisen formula 去擬合實驗數據,可計算出樣品的德拜溫度、電子自由路徑以及剩餘電阻比,並且跟據殘餘電阻率去探討電子傳輸在不同變因下的樣品中各別有什麼樣的變化發生。
The experiments is exploring cobalt disilicide produced in the laboratory by four kinds of experimental variables, while four kinds are annealing temperature, annealing time, thickness and silicon substrate. We measure the correlation of resistivity and temperature by closed cycle refrigerator at temperature range of 10 K to 290 K, and measure magnetoresistance at 10 K. We use the Bloch-Grüneisen formula to fit the experimental data and calculate Debye temperature, electron mean free path and the residual resistance ratio.
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