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dc.contributor.authorLai, Mei-Fangen_US
dc.contributor.authorLin, Chong-Weyen_US
dc.description.abstract客家特色商品的熱潮在客委會的推動下持續發燒,從產品、包裝、行銷等多方面向,重新規劃、設計與詮釋,透過包裝設計賦予這些傳統客家伴手禮亮麗新風貌,進而帶動客家伴手禮的銷售推廣,使得傳統客家產業的經營得以永續保存,以經營者為核心,深受客家文化所影響的經營者,其理念與價值使得客家伴手禮的包裝設計呈現嶄新的風格,具有風格品味的包裝設計成功吸引人潮,也因此帶動地方觀光的發展,有利於進軍國際市場,成為宣揚客家文化的利器。 本研究選取苗栗地區三個代表性的客家傳統食品業,分別為客家米食、客家糕餅、客家特色商品的熱潮在客委會的推動下持續發燒,從產品、包裝、行銷等多方面向,重新規劃、設計與詮釋,透過包裝設計賦予這些傳統客家伴手禮亮麗新風貌,進而帶動客家伴手禮的銷售推廣,使得傳統客家產業的經營得以永續保存,以經營者為核心,深受客家文化所影響的經營者,其理念與價值使得客家伴手禮的包裝設計呈現嶄新的風格,具有風格品味的包裝設計成功吸引人潮,也因此帶動地方觀光的發展,有利於進軍國際市場,成為宣揚客家文化的利器。 本研究選取苗栗地區三個代表性的客家傳統食品業,分別為客家米食、客家糕餅、客家醃漬的包裝設計案例,每一產業挑選兩個案例,共六個案例,分別是三義九鼎軒、銅鑼稻香客家米食有限公司、三義世奇精緻餅店、銅鑼錦香餅鋪、苗栗市楓之醇本舖和公館美之味農業企業社--阿煥伯,透過深度訪談與比較分析,了解客家食品業者的包裝設計理念與創新。本研究重心在客家傳統食品業者,如何運用包裝設計要素中的四大視覺要素:色彩、圖形、文字和造形,來設計客家創意伴手禮盒,並推廣其商品理念與傳遞客家文化元素。 本研究歸納前述六個案例,發現以下重要發展的方向:一、運用客家元素為設計新亮點;二、設計從顧客需求作為出發點;三、創意包裝確實有效帶動銷售;四、包裝外盒設計需兼顧彈性共用需求;五、設計建立市場區隔,吸引不同顧客群;六、業者對文化理念為設計的核心;七、故事行銷是包裝的重要元素;八、感質設計開創市場新藍海;九、包裝設計要呼應社會關注焦點;十、包裝可讓商品躍升為藝術品。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractHakka cultural commodities are increasingly popular thanks to Hakka Affairs Council’s promotion. The product, packaging and marketing are re-designed, reinterpreted and re planned, so as to allow these traditional Hakka souvenirs new style, and then drive their promotion and the growth of traditional Hakka industry; the ideas and values of operators deeply influenced by Hakka culture endow the packaging of Hakka souvenirs new style and taste that can then successfully attract more crowds, and therefore drive the development of local tourism, and thus the new products can become popular in international market and effectively promote Hakka culture. In this study, three representatives of Hakka food industry in Miaoli area were selected, respectively Hakka rice, Hakka pastry and Hakka curing foods, then two cases of each representative were selected, that is six cases were totally selected, respectively Sanyi Jiudingxuan, Tao Heung Group’s Hakka rice Co., Sanyi Shi Chi Art Cake store, Causeway Bay Jinxiang Cake shop, Miaoli Pickle-museum and Anl special House - an agricultural enterprise agency. Based on in-depth interview and comparative analysis, the principle of packaging design and innovation of Hakka food industry were explored. The research especially focused on four visual elements of packaging design of Hakka food industry, respectively color, graphics, typography and form, and their application in desiging Hakka creative souvenirs box, with additional purpose to promote the commercial idea and transfer Hakka culture. According to the six case studies, it is found that: 1. Hakka elements can indeed be applied into design as new attractive factors; 2. all designs should be consumer-oriented; 3. the packaging design should drive the sales to great extent; 4. flexible boxes are preferred for different commodities; 5. packages can realize product segmentation, attracting different customers; 6. the idea on culture of food industrialists are the heart of packaging design; 7. story marketing is an important element in packaging design; 8. the texture can broaden the channel of marketing; 9. in addition to the Hakka elements, social popular elements can be also integrated into packaging; 10. packaging design should embrace more art features.en_US
dc.subjectpackaging designen_US
dc.subjectHakka souvenirsen_US
dc.subjecttraditional Hakka food storesen_US
dc.subjectvisual designen_US
dc.titleThe Design of Creative Packaging for Hakka Souvenirs - Case Study of Traditional Food Stores in Miao-Li Taiwanen_US
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