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dc.description.abstract新媒體加入市場,數位科技勃興、4C匯流帶來跨業競合,導致近年台灣傳播產業生態激烈變化,報紙、無線電視等傳統媒體營運亮起紅燈,市場版塊重組;加上全球化風起雲湧,本土媒體產如何創新經營策略,是化危機為轉機的關鍵。 台灣媒體產業市場不大,競爭廠商眾多,產業環境呈現過飽和競爭現象;民主化造成多元文化,閱聽人分眾化,不同風格取向的媒體為搶功市場佔有率,往往展開割喉式競爭。本論文旨在探討媒體如何藉由不同的策略手段,達到增強競爭力目的。 本論文研究發現,媒體產業性質特殊,它有濃厚文化屬性,承擔營利壓力,又受到政治制約、社會責任牽絆,因此無法用一般單純的文化事業、社會營利事業去看待它的經營與競爭。而且媒體集團化發展使得產業競爭型態,已由過去個別媒體間的單打獨鬥,進入跨媒體(甚至跨國)資源整合的集團大戰。台灣媒體市場僧多粥少,競爭激烈,新競爭者強力進入市場固然可以快速取得市場佔有率,但也會激起原有業者的集體反撲封殺。 台灣媒體產業雖因先天市場不足,後天競爭激烈。但是活力充沛,創意十足,本研究建議未來有幾個發展方向可以努力: 產業面─資料庫再利用、延伸品牌價值、耕耘海外市場、加速廣電修法、建立鑑價制度; 新聞平台方面─強化後製平台、統一指揮體系、融合組織文化、加速數位作業、創造附加價值、落實教育訓練、提升新聞品質。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractIn recent years, with the emergence of new media, digital technology, and the competitiveness caused by the 4C integration, the media in Taiwan has undergone tremendous changes. Ttraditional media, such as newspapers and television, is faced with the challenges of new media, thereby running into serious trouble. Meanwhile, with the surge of globalization, it is the key moment for local media to turn crisis into turning point. Compared with foreign media enterprises, the local media industry in Taiwan is relatively small. With many media companies keen on the local market, what follows is a strong competition among them. Besides, the democratization in Taiwan brings forth the division of the audience. The media companies with different orientation launch cutthroat initiatives to try to gain shares of the market. My thesis aims to discuss how media companies can enhance their abilities of competitiveness by using various means. According to my study, the media industry is different from the traditional industry. Grappled with the social environment, political restraint and the pressure of profitability, the media should be treated differently for their style of operation and the competitiveness among each of them are very unique. With the rise of the media enterprise, the past individual operating strategies have been replaced by the integration of multi-media (or even multination). As the local media in Taiwan is at a small scale, the competition is very aggressive. Though new comers in the media market have the advantage to gain access to it, there is no denying that the old and small-scaled companies somehow may cooperate to fight back. Though the media industry in Taiwan is rather small and competitive, it’s alive and creative. The following are my suggestions to the local media: In the field of the industry, make the most of the database, increase the additional value, expand the overseas market, facilitate the revision of the Radio and TV Law, and set up an appraisal system. As for the news platform, strengthen the post-production platform, streamline and integrate the organization, facilitate digital production, increase the additional value, put the educational training into practice, and improve news quality.en_US
dc.subjectMedia Competitivenessen_US
dc.titleThe Study on the Strategy of Media Competitiveness─Synergy of ”Big News Desk”en_US
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