Title: 氮化鋁鎵/氮化鎵高電子移導率電晶體(HEMT)功率模組封裝設計與電性測試
GaN HEMTs Power Module Package Design, Electrical Test, and Performance Evaluation
Authors: 何仲翔
Ho, Chung-Hsiang
Cheng, Stone
Keywords: 氮化鎵;模組封裝;電性測試;接面溫度推估;並聯均流;GaN HEMT;Module package;High Power module;electrical test
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 氮化鋁鎵/氮化鎵高電子移導率電晶體是次世代功率元件的主要材料,適用於高功率以及高頻操作的電子元件。目前本研究已可將單顆AlGaN/GaN HEMT封裝於自行設計之TO-3P之V型微凹槽封裝結構,應用於電力功率驅動及轉換。為了達到更高功率和更大電流的輸出,必須將氮化鎵元件並聯接合,然各氮化鎵元件因其導通電壓、開關時間、元件內阻值等特性之差異,可能會造成並聯元件總成的壽命減短、功率降低等問題;且功率增加勢必會造成更高的熱溫升,因此本研究提出並聯元件挑選之篩選條件,並研究在氮化鎵元件的源極端和閘極端並聯電阻或電容之電路設計,且在功率模組設計上考量散熱設計、電路配線,提昇效率和增加功率輸出,且便於功率模組間並聯阻抗匹配之電路設計,且提出可推估接面溫度之直流參數,以便於模組型式封裝元件了解其元件溫度,並進一步的探討氮化鎵元件之動態並聯均流效應,以更進一步的提升高功率模組之可靠度。
This paper described the electronic performance of power module packaged high-power AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) on silicon substrate. Each device is wire-bonded in parallel connection to increase the power rating. This work studies the GaN HEMTs power module package. The utilization of a multi-chip hybrid module means that all the associated bias circuits and in/out matching circuits can be integrated within the highly conductive substrate. Also, GaN HEMT devices selection criteria make the parallel connection easier. We found some characteristics such as On-state resistance, threshold voltage, leakage current that are requirements information for paralleling. Heat dispatching is another critical issue for parallel connection architecture. According to the above consideration, the required heat dispatching design is more important with the understanding of device junction temperature under dynamic operation. The research focuses on the six electrical parameters to study the relationship between parameters and temperature for analyzing and understanding the thermal effect.
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