Title: 以固定一邊為起點探討國中三角形全等性質補救教學之研究
A Study of Using the "Fixed Side as a Starting Point" to Investigate the Remedial Teaching in Congruence of Triangles
Authors: 黃威鈞
Huang, Wei-Chun
Chen, Ming-Jang
Keywords: 三角形全等性質;固定一邊;補救教學;認知負荷;congruence of triangles;fixed side;remedial teaching;cognitive load
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 鑑於低成就學生在學習三角形全等性質上的困難,本研究探討三種不同的教材脈絡對於三角形全等性質補救教學的成效,其中「解析組」以固定一邊後,分析需要幾個條件才能確保兩個三角形全等及「建構組」以固定一邊後,如何尋找第三個頂點才能確保兩個三角形全等對照於「尺規組」的能以尺規作圖理解兩個三角形全等的意義,採準實驗研究法對新北市某國民中學90名低學習成就學生進行補救教學,並透過單因子共變數分析以教材脈絡為自變項,前測為共變項,分析三種教材脈絡教學對於後測及延後測學習成效上的影響。得到研究結果 (1)在各組的教材脈絡下,參與補教教學的學生在學習成效上並沒有顯著的差異; (2)經補救教學後,各組學生於後測皆能有顯著的進步; (3)經補救教學後,解析組及建構組學生於延後測仍能保有顯著的進步。因此可知引導學生透過理解學習三角形的全等性質,除了能提升學習成效外,亦在延宕成效上有較好的表現。
In view of the low achievement students have difficulties in learning congruence of triangles, this study investigated the impact of three different context of materials for remedial teaching in congruence of triangles. Where "Analytic group" fixed a side then analyzing how many conditions are required to ensure that the two triangles are congruent and "Constructive group" fixed a side then thinking how to find the third vertex to ensure that two triangles are congruent relative to "Ruler group" understanding the significance of congruence of triangles by ruler and compass construction. The research is based on analysis of covariance quasi-experimental design. Ninety low achievement students from a New Taipei City junior hight school are participated in this study. Summarizing the results: (1) there is no significant difference in learning effect between three groups, (2) three groups have significant progress in the post-test, (3) "Analytic group" and "Constructive group" have significant progress in the delayed posttest. So we can see students learning congruence of triangles through understanding, in addition to enhance learning effect, but also have better performance in the delayed posttest.
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