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dc.contributor.authorLi, Ruei-Yuen_US
dc.contributor.authorKung, Shu-Changen_US
dc.description.abstract  社會建築紀錄(The recording of Social Architecture),為了社會而產的建築行為紀錄。當代社會中建築學已進入百家爭鳴的盛況,無論是結構組件、數位邏輯、工程技術、材料生產及其他建築相關理論,皆為盛行的討論範疇。此種情況導致沒有任何人可以明確定義我們所屬的這個年代,無法替這個時代紀錄。然而不論在何種層面的探究下,城市、社會與人始終為建築本質的基點。   社會學(sociology),多層次、多元素以及多物件的組合。美國當代社會學家C. Wright Mills曾將社會學定義為一門研究人類社會和社會環境中人類行為的學科。並闡明社會學家必須注意可預測的廣大模式以及社會生活中的例行事件。建築專業者何嘗不是一位社會學家?我們用自身角度觀察城市,並依靠信仰進而定義想像,再試圖以建築手段置入現實,使社會產生轉變的契機。   近年來由於社會發展日漸成熟,已開發國家的土地使用密度已達極限,社會都市衝突也漸漸浮上檯面,許多已開發國家及高密度城市將進行大規模的都市轉變。台北即為一個標準的高密度城市,過度開發的土地使用以及高不可攀的區域房價,使得生活現實已不再符合民眾期待,進而產生無數社會議題。此論文想藉人民與社會性的連結,進而探討五個在台北所產生的社會議題:居住正義、社區營造、住商混合、災難危害以及公共建築衰落,透過建築設計提案整合連結。除了建築本身所探討的空間行為外,進一步探討各種尺度建築與社會性的連結與發展。zh_TW
dc.description.abstractThe recoeding of Social Architecture can be defined as a building behavior record arising from social issues. Undoubtedly, the disciplinary of architecture in this contemporary social has been immersed itself in a grand contending phenomenon. Heated discussion has been arisen on several topics such as structural components, digital logical thinking, engineering technic, material production, also, the related architectural theories which caused no one could precisely define the era we are existing and no means for us to record such moment. However, human, city and social will be the basic points for the innate characteristic of architecture no matter how different level of approaches will be proposed. Sociology is the ordered, logical study of human society and its origins, development, organizations, and institutions. C.Wright Mills(August 28,1916 – March 20,1962) was an American sociologist who defined sociology as a disciplinary in between human society and human nature in social environment. Also, he declared that sociologists should aware of the predicable large scale of mode, besides, take the regular social living events into account. So could we say that architects also a sociologist? Through the definition or belief from our perspective view of city, we could seemingly provide some opportunities into the transforming society by means of plugging in our architectural creature. For the recent years, society development is getting mature, also, there is certain number of land usage density has reach its limit. Urban social conflict has gradually occurred whereas some of the developed countries and high density cities are going to have a huge city transformation. Taipei, however, is a standard high density city in which demonstrated from its land over using and high value of housing sector, causing the out expectation from citizens. This could hardly be said that the main factor of social issues. This thesis is intending to explore the basis of society through sociological concept in order to integrate and connect five social issues that happened in Taipei city which included disaster issue, resident living justice, society construction, mix-use of resident and office, also, the corruption of public buildings. Different scales of buildings and society transformations or developments are investigated besides of that spaces behaviors co-responding to certain design proposals.en_US
dc.subjectsocial architectureen_US
dc.subjectthe recordings of architectureen_US
dc.titleThe recording of social architectureen_US
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