Title: 使用六自由度史都華平台驗證火箭動態感測系統
Six degrees of freedom Stewart platform to verify the rocket dynamic sensing system
Authors: 曹修銓
Keywords: 火箭;史都華平台;Rocket;Stewart Platform
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 探空火箭(Rocket)應用於蒐集太空及大氣中的各種資料,常需要於火箭上承載能夠追蹤其加速度、角速度的加速計與陀螺儀等量測儀器。但在進行真實發射任務之前,通常必須經過繁複的測試,以確定感測系統在火箭運動模式下所得到的資料是否能驗證火箭的真實運動,以及確認感測系統的量測範圍,最大承載加速度等。 火箭於飛行路徑中之運動控制往往於軟體上模擬設計,若有一硬體設備能創造出空間中三軸加速度與角速度曲線,模擬火箭於空中運行之物理狀況,將可利用此系統進行硬體模擬。 史都華平台(Stewart Platform)為一六軸機構,屬於並聯型機器人的一種,此種機構因擁有封閉鏈拘束的關係,故相比於傳統串聯型機器人擁有較大的剛性,較小的慣性,以及承載能力與精度較高的優點,經常應用於大重量負荷以及高速的運動模擬上。 基於上述史都華平台等優點,以及火箭對於驗證運動感測器的需求,本論文利用六軸史都華平台設計一種可驗證空間中三軸加速度及三軸角速度的驗證系統,利用此系統,將來在進行火箭實際發射任務前,可直接利用此系統進行火箭感測系統的測試、驗證等工作,另外並且可利用此系統對火箭做硬體式模擬,設計與測試火箭之控制器等等。
In order to collect many kinds of information at high altitude air, many devices such as, accelerator and gyroscope…etc, are equipped on rocket. However, a lot of tests and experiments need to undergo for accuracy of detecting system when rocket is flying and measuring range of detecting system, before launch. Rocket flying trajectory can be simulated from computer software, but if there’s hardware can simulate the path and real conditions in air, then the simulation result of this system will be more convincing than software. Stewart Platform is a 6-axes device, belonged to one kind of parallel manipulator. Compare to traditional parallel manipulator, Stewart platform is much stiffer, less inertia, higher loading ability and more accurate, owing to closed loop constrain. Hence it usually applies on simulations with high weight loading and high speed. Depends on these advantages and requests of rocket flying, this study proposes a verifying system by Stewart platform to design a coordinate with 3 axes linear acceleration and 3 axes angular velocity, and prove them. This system can verify detecting system and simulate status of flying, furthermore, can also design and test controller of rocket.
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