Title: CrowdSMILE – 運 用 社 群 網 路 群 眾 外 包 技 術 之 行 動 學 習 系 統
CrowdSMILE – A Crowdsourcing based Social and Mobile Integrated system for Learning by Exploration
Authors: 彭丹尼
Punjabi, Dennis Mohan
Lin, Bao-Shuh Paul
Keywords: 線上學習;行動學習;在地學習;群眾訊息;社交網絡;行動增強實境;第四代網路;E-learning;M-learning;Location-based Learning;Crowdsourcing;Social Networking;Mobile Augmented Reality;4G Networks
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: Learning occurs every day, not just in classrooms but even outside the classroom in everyday life and in everyday activities at anytime and anywhere. Such learning is on-going, self-paced and voluntary; and is referred to as Lifelong Learning. It is characterized by a learner-centric learning process where the learner is more in control and is more engaged through immersive social and collaborative learning activities. Technology can be a big enabler of Lifelong Learning. For starters, it can allow easy access to learning content from the Internet. The pervasiveness of mobile technologies, like smart mobile devices and high speed broadband networks, offers a convenient platform to access rich multimedia-based learning content at anytime and anywhere. Smart mobile devices are now well-equipped with powerful CPUs, GPUs and sensors that can now provide rich, innovative, and contextual user experiences for accessing learning content. Social networking services (SNS) is another area of technology that can offer the collaborative environment needed to support Lifelong Learning activities. Because SNSs are so widely used, it can offer a familiar interface to support the social and collaborative aspects of Lifelong Learning. This work proposes a Crowdsourcing based Social and Mobile Integrated system for Learning by Exploration called CrowdSMILE that enables Lifelong Learning through a uni-fied and integrated location-based system. The system integrates mobile and SNS technolo-gies to provide a crowd sourced and collaborative learning platform that is easily scalable and extendable. We propose a multi-component learning system. The design rationale, system framework, and usage scenarios are also described. In addition, we also implement a proto-type of the overall system for testing. Some experimental test results are also illustrated while using CrowdSMILE. We show that 4G networks are more suitable for our application and certain social networking features can be used as metrics for content ranking methods. Finally we also show that users found our system to be useful and showed positive attitude towards it.
在日常生活和活動當中,學習隨時隨地不斷地在發生,不僅僅在教室裡,更多的是在教室之外,以透過自主性的終身學習達到學習不間斷的目的。而且這樣的學習是以學習者為中心,並經由身臨其境之社交與合作的學習活動,使學習者更容易地控制與參與這個學習過程。 技術的應用使終身學習成為可能。技術使初學者容易地從網際網路存取學習內容。而移動技術的普遍性,如智慧行動裝置和高速寬頻網絡,提供了一個方便的使用平台,可隨時隨地存取基於多媒體的豐富學習內容。智慧行動裝置備有強大的中央處理器、圖形處理器和感測器,可以提供豐富、創新的用戶體驗來存取學習內容。社交網絡服務亦是另一個領域的技術,可以提供支持終身學習活動的合作環境。由於社交網絡已經廣泛地被大家所使用,因此其提供了一個熟悉的操作界面來支持社交性與合作性的終生學習。 這篇論文提出了一個基於群眾訊息之社交性和移動性的整合系統,稱為CrowdSMILE,藉由探索的方式來進行學習活動。CrowdSMILE透過一個統一且整合的定位系統來實現終生學習,該系統整合了移動和社交技術,提供一個群體貢獻和合作性之容易伸縮與擴展的學習平台。我們已提出一個多元件的系統設計和實作一個原型系統以供測試。此外,我們也描述了CrowdSMILE系統的基本原理、系統設計、系統框架,使用情境和一些實驗測試結果。實驗結果顯示,第四代行動網路的高頻寬與低延遲特性可以協助實現我們所設計的系統;此外,社群網站的特性也能被使用在學習內容評分上,而CrowdSMILE系統的確能在使用者學習上有所幫助。
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