Title: 以雲端和 Android 為架構的⼾外盲人導路系統之實作
Prototype of Cloud and Android Based Outdoor Guidance System for the Visually Impaired
Authors: 賴安娜
Lapyko, Anna
Lin, Bao-Shuh Paul
Keywords: RTK;導航;輔助技術;雲端科技;行動通訊;視覺障礙;assistive technology;cloud;mobile;navigation;visually impaired;RTK
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 對於盲人或視障者(Blind and Visual Impaired Person, BVI)能安全地在不熟悉的戶外環境行走,是一種挑戰,這一篇論文,介紹一個實作的雛型系統COANS (Cloud-based Outdoor Assistive Navigation System),它是利用雲端運算來協助BVI在戶外且不熟悉的環境,使他們承受比較少的壓力。這個系統在使用者端的硬體設備是一支Android的智慧型手機,和一部低價外掛的L1 GPS接收機,它用來加強位置的精確度,所應用的方法叫RTK (Real-time Kinematic)來使得使用者所在的位置更準確。在智慧型手機的應用程式和使用者之間的互動是以聲控(voice control)和聲告(voice notification),搭配抖動(shaking)和磨擦(swiping),達到親和的人機介面,這個測試情境是一套系統,亦涵蓋了偵測交通號誌的狀態,斑馬線的偵測,以及在BVI附近所偵測到的板凳。
Safe navigation in non-familiar outdoor environments is a challenging activity for the blind and vision-impaired (BVI) people. This work introduces a prototype of a cloud-based outdoor assistive navigation system (COANS) for BVI people. The main goal of the system is to provide easy street navigation and help to make outdoor walks in non-familiar environment less stressful. Hardware part from the user-side includes an android-base mobile phone and an external low-cost L1 GPS receiver to improve position accuracy. Applying the technique known as Real Time Kinematic (RTK) ameliorates the issue of the user position estimation. Interaction between the application and the user is based on voice commands (user-side) and voice notifications (system-side), together with the user-friendly “shaking” and “swiping” commands. The test scenarios for the system include traffic light status detection, zebra crossing path detection and a bench discovering within a short distance from the user.
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